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Julianne Moore, Peter Friedman, Xander Berkeley, James Le Gros, Susan Norman, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Mary Carver, Janel Moloney
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Woman in locker room: “Well I just eventually found the whole 12 step thing was like another form of addiction.”
Another woman: “... stress management.” (0:06)

Her friend tells Carol, “I’ve been so out of it since my brother’s funeral.” (0:20)

Carol tells Dr. Hubbard, “I guess I’m just a little stressed-out lately.”

Hubbard: “You’re not doing drugs, are you?”
”I don’t take drugs or drink...” (0:23)

Hubbard tells Carol, “... I know a very, very good doctor who’s just more suited to stress-related conditions, which I think this is.”
Carol’s husband Greg: “A psychiatrist?” (0:34)

Carol tells Greg, “I couldn’t sleep.” (0:36)

Carol tells the psychiatrist, “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately...” (0:38)

Carol’s friend Barbara tells their friend Linda, referring to Carol, “You know someone told me... she was seeing their shrink or something.” (0:42)

Carol asks Greg, “Where am I?” (0:47)

Man on television: “Your family and friends tell you... that it’s all in your head, but your symptoms worsen. Fatigue and depression turn to migraines, blackouts, even seizures.” (0:49)

Dr. Reynolds tells Carol, “What we’re doing now is testing about 50 separate foods and molds to determine what your neutralization doses will consist of.”
Reynolds tells his assistant Sarah, “Prepare a neutralizing dose...” (0:53)

Woman: “My doctor thinks I’m nuts. He thinks the whole thing is completely in my head.”
Helen: “It is in your head. It’s in all our heads.”
Woman: “It makes you crazy.”
Another woman: “And it will make you depressed.”
Helen: “I mean, how does a 5 year old say it’s psychosomatic?” (0:57)

Carol tells Linda her new couch is “Totally toxic.” (0:59)

Hubbard tells Carol, “Now, if your psychiatrists can’t provide...” (1:04)

Retreat director Claire: “In addition we ask you to refrain from smoking, drinking, and the use of recreational drugs while on the premises...” (1:13)

Peter: “I tried to teach them this, to give up the rage, to strive for a quiet mind.” (1:32)

Carol tells Greg, referring to retreat resident Nell, “Her husband just passed away.” (1:37)

Steve tells resident Peter, “Well, I became sick because I just OD’d on all the drugs I was doing.”
Peter: ”Why did you become addicted?”
Steve: ”Well, I guess I became addicted to, like, blot out the pain.”
Resident Marilyn: “I was deeply wounded as a child, and had completely blocked it out for years...”
Nell: ”First I got sick, and my husband thought I was crazy...” (1:37)

Resident Chris tells Carol, “So this other guy didn’t know anything was wrong with him either, except whenever he would go into a mall he would get totally depressed, you know, start crying really hard, and contemplating suicide...” (1:46)

Peter tells the others, “I’m really enraged...” (1:47)