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Samurai Cop

Robert Z'Dar, Amir Shervan, Matt Hannon, Jannis Farley, Mark Frazer, Joselito Rescober, Dale Cummings, Gerald Okamura
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Detective Joe answers detective Frank: “Yeah, cocaine.” (0:04)

By radio helicopter pilot Peggy asks Joe, referring to boats, “How am I supposed to know which one’s carrying the coke?”
Joe: “I’m well informed there’s a large suitcase full of coke in the back.” (0:06)

Police Capt. Rohmer tells Frank, referring to Joe, “You’re the one that talked me into bringing this moron from San Diego...” (0:26)

Joe tells drug kingpin Fujiyama, “... this is the land of opportunity... not for death merchants who distribute drugs to our children...” (0:32)

Joe confirms the waiter’s suggestion: “Oh, he committed suicide.” (0:33)

Thug Yamashita tells another thug, referring to his other men, “Idiots.” (0:36)

Joe tells restaurant manager Jennifer, referring to Fujiyama, “... the money that he spent on you and this restaurant is drug money... millions of dollars every year in this town by selling drugs and destruction.” (0:41)

Poster: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (0:55)

Yamashita kills himself by seppuku. (1:33)