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San Francisco

Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy, Jack Holt, Jessie Ralph, Ted Healy, Shirley Ross, Harold Huber, Edgar Kennedy, Charles Judels, Bert Roach, Warren Hymer
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Babe removes a drunk partier. (0:07)

Impresario Blackie Norton tells his friend Matt, referring to singer Mary Blake, "I guess she fainted." (0:10)

Mary tells Blackie, “Well, it was so stupid of me fainting like that...” (0:10)

Mary tells Blackie, referring to her country parson father. "He died four years ago." (0:11)

A man tells the others, referring to Blackie, "Sure, and there's nobody else crazy enough to fight the..."
Blackie asks Father Tim Mullin, ”Have you all gone crazy?” (0:16)

Blackie: "No, I think you fellows have all gone crazy."
Matt answers Blackie: ”Some chloroform.”
”Change your mind? Well, you've lost it.” (0:17)

Matt asks Blackie, "Say boss, you going to let that crazy dame boss the show around?" (0:21)

Mullin tells Mary, "Blackie thought I was crazy." (0:33)

Blackie tells his club’s piano player, “The Professor,” referring to his friend Trixie, "She's hanging around those beer trucks getting stiff." (0:38)

Blackie tells Mary, "I'm crazy about you, kid." (0:46)

Blackie tells Mr. Burley, "He's just crazy about fishing, so I charted him a boat." (0:56)

Mullin asks Blackie, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:09)

Mary faints. (1:34)

A man tells Ethel, "You're crazy." (1:36)

People wander the city in shock after the earthquake. (1:39)

Mrs. Burley realizes the earthquake killed her son. (1:43)