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Sanitarium (2001)

Jeremy Minns, Kate Copeland, Uri Geller, Terry Aaron
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Interview of psychiatrist Dr. Max Warick in a straitjacket. (0:00)


Narrator: “It began on the day of Marie’s relapse.”
”A man walks through a ward of patients in rows of beds.”
”For no particular reason she wanted to tear the skin off of one of the other patients.” (0:03)

Interviewer: “Marie was one of your patients.”
”So your wife worked with you on this drug, B-390.”
Max: “In any test you have two patients, the test patient who takes the drug...”
”I was in charge of testing B-390...” (0:04)

Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Calishot tells staff, “I was practicing empathetic neurosis treatment.” (0:06)

Patient Marie goes berserk. (0:06)

Max asks his psychiatrist wife Elle about, “The B-390 report...” (0:07)

A technician subdues an agitated patient in a padded room. (0:08)

Max, referring to hospital director Paul Karnell: “He knew that B-390 could make him a very wealthy man.”
Man: “Did he know this drug was dangerous?”
Max: “It had nothing to do with the drug.” (0:09)

Elle asks Dr. Isabella Ramoray, ”How can we be sure the drug is safe? What about lasting effects?
”Max: “The drug’s like nothing we’ve ever seen.” (0:11)

Paul: “You’re insane, Calishot.” (0:14)

Security guard Kelly appears disoriented. (0:18)

Photographer Harris tells Max, “I’m here to take some publicity shots for this miracle drug B-360.”
Max: “Like 90% of our patients, Eddie’s psychosis stems from an abusive childhood.”
”A bit of an amateur psychologist, aren’t you Mr. Harris.”
Harris: “Insanity.” (0:19)

Max returns to the ward to find the patient going berserk and Kelly dancing with a patient. (0:22)

Max in straitjacket: “A case of psychosis as advanced as Kelly’s does not go unnoticed.” (0:23)

Psychiatrist Dr. Isabella Ramoray tells Paul, referring to B-390 “... not only does it aid the brain in retaining the chemical balance... for a healthy sane mind, but...” (0:24)

Harris photographs in the patient ward. (0:26)

Calishot appears disoriented. (0:27)

Max in straitjacket: “We were testing a revolutionary new drug... and the drug’s inventor commits suicide.” (0:31)

Harris tells Max by telephone, “Third floor: nutballs and the maniacs.”
”All I see is rows and rows of luny patients.” (0:32)

Harris asks Max, “Why did Calishot kill himself?”
Max: “He had a marketable cure for madness...” (0:34)

Calishot’s voice “Alder shot himself last night.”
Paul asks Max, ”Was Calishot secretly injecting himself with the drug, reliving his past as our first B-390 junkie?” (0:39)

Max rells Isabella “Idiot. Something has made both Kelly and Calishot flip.”
Isabella: “The whole point is that none of these patients were injected.” (0:42)

Max tells Harris, “This suggests a greater stimulation of unpredictable, and thus demented, mental response. I’m going to inject Creedence with B-390... bring down his demented mental response. It will make him sane... Now, if in turn Florence’s brain stimulation dementia increases...” (0:44)

Isabella tells Max, “You have just conducted a first class experiment on the effects of trauma.” (0:45)

Elle: “You’re insane, Max.” (0:45)

Paul introduces Elle, “Mr. Hall is president of... Pharmaceuticals.” (0:48)

Max in a straitjacket in a padded room. (0:49)

Max appears to hallucinate a visit by his mother to his padded room. (0:51)

Elle talks to Max, still in straitjacket, via intercom. Elle hallucinates Max undergoing electroconvulsive therapy then pursuing her though the hall. She wanders through a room of berserk patients before collapsing. (0:52)

Memorial for Elle. Paul tells Max, “I’d say having a lunatic for a husband did as much to drive her to the grave as anything.”Max: “I’m not insane.” (0:56)

A doctor tells Max, “Your father told me that you actively prevented your mother from taking her own life while she still could... the pain had probably driven her clinically insane...”
”I believe these theories of yours result from suppressed this fear...” (1:00)

Paul tells Elle’s mother, “... you see this place... always made the city nervous.” (1:01)


In his padded room Max asks Harris, “Haven’t you heard I’m insane?”
Referring to organisms in Harris’ photographs: “They feed off our insanity and our psychosis.”
”In the psychotic the release of insanity is unregulated... extreme stress... The stress of seeing me like this must’ve made Elle a prime target.” (1:07)

Max, in straitjacket, tell the interviewers, “The creatures feed off insanity.”
”Starved... they turned to... normal people, feeding off the sanity that we all exude through moments of anxiety, stress...”
Male interviewer: “So all they had to do was find a man who was totally sane, yet heard voices in his head?” (1:11)

A patient dances. (1:14)

The male interviewer tells Max, “They’re releasing the drug again.” (1:17)