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Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller, Joseph Cali, Paul Pape, Donna Pescow, Bruce Ornstein, Julie Bovasso, Fran Drescher, Martin Shakar, Sam Coppola
amphetamine | marijuana | methaqualone | Quaalude
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Poster for Rocky on the wall of paint salesman Tony’s room. (0:07)

Tony’s friend Gus: “We got some ups. We got some downs, three ludes, two Js...”
Tony: ”I get a bigger high from a fart. We ain’t droppin’ nothing till I say so.” (0:11)

Tony’s friend Joey, handing Gus a bottle: “Hey Gus, here’s the speed.” (0:15)

“Hey Tony, listen, you want some speed? (0:17)

Dancer Stephanie tells Tony, “I look at guy longer than a millionth of a second, already, he gets delusions of grandeur.” (0:34)

Tony tells his brother Frank, referring to the rest of the family, “They look crazy.” (0:35)

Tony tells Stephanie, “The thing is, the high I get at 2001, it’s just dancing... I would like to get that high someplace else in my life.” (0:46)

The bartender shares a joint with the D.J. (0:59)

Stephanie tells Tony “It’s crazy.” where she works.
“Otherwise I’d be walkin’ around like an idiot.” (1:22)

Tony asks his friend Double J, “What, are you crazy?” (1:28)

Joey tells Annette, “Get high, it’s your head.” (1:34)

Tony asks Stephanie, “What, are you crazy?” (1:41)

Joey: “You can... all night on this speed.” (1:44)

Tony tells Bobby, “That’s crazy. Now you’re being crazy.”
Tony: “You’re making me very nervous now, Bobby.”
Bobby falls to his death. (1:47)

Detective, referring to Bobby: “Any of you guys think maybe he killed himself?”
Tony: “There’s ways of killing yourself without killing yourself.” (1:49)

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