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Jim Caviezel, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jaimie Alexander, Bradley Whitford, Sam Shepard, Tracey Walter, Jack McBrayer, Hal Holbrook
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Hunter Ward tells his partner Christmas, “I’m certain you could shoot as many as me if you give up your aversion to gloves.” (0:16)

Ward, drunk, entertains the other patrons in a bar. (1:02)

Ward addresses the court: “There are many tests of a man’s relative sobriety... Either I was drunk, or I made these shots.” (1:04)

Ward and his wife Lucy grieve the loss of their newborn son. (1:15)

Dr. Bryson: “Ward, you need to look past the crude understanding of the word ‘asylum’ and see that it’s a refuge.” (1:18)

The restaurateur tells Ward, “You are a crazy man. You are a crazy man.”
Ward: “You want to see crazy?” (1:25)

Would diagnose Lucy with Bereavement or Major Depressive Episode? Did Ward kill himself?