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Saving Grace (2000)

CastBrenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Tchéky Karyo, Valerie Edmond, Phyllida Law, Denise Coffey, Paul Brooke, Philip Wright
Year released2000
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The film opens in a church graveyard with gardener Matthew smoking a joint while digging a grave. (0:00)

Funeral procession for Grace’s husband. (0:02)

Shopkeeper Margaret asks Dr. Martin, “Why did he do it?” Suicide? (0:05)

Martin and Matthew share a joint. (0:06)

Grace tells Margaret, “I’d like a packet of paracetamol...” (0:09)

His fisherwoman girlfriend Nicky tells Matthew, “I’m just a bit hung over.”
Matthew: “... you never get hangovers.” (0:14)

Matthew shows Grace marijuana plants she identifies as “hemp.” (0:18)

Nicky asks Matthew, “Hasn’t she got enough problems without gettin’ into drugs?”
Matthew: “What’re you talkin’ about drugs” (0:19)

Matthew tells Grace, referring to his seeds, “They’re indica sativa hybrids. Purple haze with early pearl crossed with rudoralis. (0:21)

Grace’s greenhouse full of marijuana plants. (0:27)

Harvey asks Martin, “Are you out of your... mind?” (0:31)

Nicky: “Matthew, smoking weed is one thing...”
”Matthew, you are such an idiot.” (0:33)

Grace tells debt collector Melvyn, “I’m becoming a drugs dealer.” (0:36)

Grace and her husband’s mistress Honey place flowers at his grave. (0:37)

Grace and Matthew in the greenhouse grow operation. She tells Matthew, “If I’m growing it and selling it I should know the effect it has.”
Matthew shares a joint with Grace.
Grace: “Is this addictive?”
Matthew: ”It’s not crack.” (0:40)

Matthew tells Grace, referring to Nicky, “She’s been really moody lately.”
They plant cuttings in the greenhouse. (0:45)

Radio news: “Police are celebrating a major victory in the war on drugs today... after police discovered marijuana...” (0:48)

Grace and matthew in the greenhouse. (0:48, 0:50)

“It’s time for me to go to London, get a dealer.”
“I was going to find a dealer... A drug dealer would take one look at you...” (0:51)

Matthew tells Harvey, “I want to... smoke some reefer... I’m not hanging around here to be a whipping boy for ‘Ganja Grace’” (0:52)

Grace looks for a prowler in the greenhouse surrounded by marijuana plants. (0:53)

Grace calls a man getting into her cab, “Moron!” (0:54)

Matthew smokes a joint. (0:55)

The Vicar recites the Serenity Prayer to Nicky: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” (0:57)

Grace tells Honey, “I just want you to ring a dealer, that’s all.”
Honey: “Grace, it’s mad.”
Grace: “Call a dealer.” (0:58)

Drug dealer Vince tells Grace, “Draw... Spliff... “ as he lights a joint made from Grace’s marijuana. (0:59)

Matthew tells Martin, referring to the man with Grace and Honey, “He may be a drug dealer.” (1:01)

Graffiti: “SPLIFF” (1:02)

Shopkeepers Diana and Margaret find Harvey in Grace’s green house. (1:03)

Honey swoons when drug dealer Jacques threatens Grace. (1:05)

Jacques tells Grace, referring to Honey, “I can’t believe your friend fainted.” (1:08)

Diana prepares tea with marijuana. (1:10)

Vince tells Jacques’ thug China, “You need to sort out some sort of anger management when you get home.” (1:12)

Harvey tells Matthew, “That you went to London with Dr. Bamford to help Grace sell the drugs.” (1:13)

Debt adjuster Quentin finds Diana and Margaret intoxicated in their store. (1:14)

Constable Alfred finds Grace and Matthew harvesting: “It’s marijuana, isn’t it?” (1:19)

Nicky tells Martin, “Even you can’t smoke all of it.” (1:22)

Everyone is intoxicated. (1:26)

Book title: “THE JOINT VENTURE” (1:26)

Alfred on television: “Nobody could remember anything.”
Margaret and Diana: “In the book Grace was growing drugs, but in real life she was growing tea.”
Martin: “Obviously I couldn’t ever condone the use of a drug...”
“I must say it does seem strange that alcohol is legal and marijuana, uh, isn’t.”
The reporter asks the Vicar, “So you didn’t have any marijuana growing in your garden?”
The master of ceremonies as the New York Book Awards says Grace “... has been shortlisted for The Joint Venture.”
“Grace Trevethan for The Joint Venture.” (1:27)

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