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Marlon Brando, Red Buttons, Miyoshi Umeki, Patricia Owens, James Garner, Martha Scott, Ricardo Montalbán, Miiko Taka
Marilyn Monroe
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Fighter pilot Major Lloyd “Ace” Gruver tells the flight surgeon, "Well, if it’s your prescription, Doc..." (0:04)

Gruver tells his friend Airman Joe Kelly, referring to a photograph of his fiancee Eileen Webster, "The beat up one’s her mother, you idiot."
”... when you tell me that you’re gonna give up your citizenship for a girl... I think you’re nuts. I mean, I think you’re crazy.”
Joe: ”I am crazy. I’m in love crazy.”
Gruver: ”I think you’re gonna cut your throat.” (0:09)

Ace tells Kabuki actor Nakamura, "I thought maybe you could use a Marilyn Monroe here and there..."
Nakamura: ”I am great admirer of Miss Monroe myself.” (0:24)

Marine Corps Capt. Mike Bailey asks Gruver, "Are you nuts?" (0:43)

"Am I nuts, or is she the greatest thing I ever saw?" (0:50)

Actress Hana-ogi tells Gruver, "My father was killed by American bomb dropped on my country..." (1:10)

Joe tells his wife Katsumi, referring to Gruver, "He’d faint." (1:20)

Eileen’s father Lt. Gen. Mark Webster tells Gruver, "A boy gets married impulsively..." (1:42)

A puppet lover commits seppuku. (1:57)

Gruver finds the lifeless bodies of Katsumi and Joe.
Hana-ogi tells her friends sayonara. (2:04)

Webster tells Gruver, "You’re confused." (2:14)

Hana-ogi tells Gruver, "I’m so frightened and confused I cannot think." (2:21)

Hana-ogi tells the reporters, "I know my people will be shocked too." (2:25)