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Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker, Janet Leigh, Mel Ferrer, Henry Wilcoxon, Nina Foch, Richard Anderson, Robert Coote, Lewis Stone, Elisabeth Risdon, Howard Freeman, Curtis Cooksey, John Dehner, John Litel
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Opening title: “He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” (0:00)

Actress Lenore’s fiance asks Andre, “Are you mad”
Andre: ”We’re all out of our minds.”
Fiance: ”Lunatic! I’m on my way to my wedding with a lunatic.” (0:12)

Andre tells Lenore, “Don’t be nervous.” (0:15)

Andre tells lawyer Fabian, “You’re making me nervous.” (0:21)

Aline and Andre discover that their father has died. (0:30)

Andre tells his friend Philippe, referring to his father, “... I look upon his face in death, and I am moved to tears.” (0:31)

Chevalier de Chabrillaine tells the innkeeper, “Well tell the idiot to hurry.” (0:32)

Aline places a rose on her father’s grave. Andre tells her, “It may not heal your grief, but it will cushion it.“
Aline: ”You speak of grief as if you know it well.” (0:40)

Andre finds actor Scaramouche drunk. (0:45) 

Performer Gaston tells Andre, dressed as Scaramouche, “You idiot.”
Lenore: “Scaramouche, drunk again, huh?” (0:47)

Lenore tells Andre, “I may have saved your miserable life in a moment of madness...” (0:54)

Lenore tells Andre, “You’re mad.” (1:04)

Andre tells fencing master Doutreval, “Take your money idiot.” (1:06)

Andre asks Doutreval, “What is more fitting in a mad world...” (1:12)

Lenore tells Andre, “I’m not in the mood for frog legs.” (1:17)

Andre tells Dr. Dubuque, “I also believe in laughter, and I know that the world is mad.” (1:28)

Chabrillaine tells Aline and de Maynes, “Very depressing.” (1:37)