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Scarlet Street

Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea, Margaret Lindsay, Rosalind Ivan, Jess Barker, Charles Kemper, Anita Sharp-Bolster, Samuel S. Hinds, Vladimir Sokoloff, Arthur Loft, Russell Hicks
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Boss J.J. tells the others, "So drink all you want, only don't come in late Monday morning with a hangover." (0:04)

Cashier Chris tells his coworker Charlie, "Hey, I'm a little drunk." (0:06)

Vamp Kitty tells he crooked boyfriend Johnny, "You idiot."
"You were too tight to remember anything."
Johnny: "And for cat's sake this chump is crazy about you."
Kitty: "Oh, I don't know why I'm so crazy about you."
Kitty tells her roommate Millie, "I'm in love, crazy in love." (0:21)

His wife Adele tells Chris "They're getting crazier all the time." (0:33)

Kitty tells Chris, referring to Millie and Johnny, "She's crazy about him. (0:44)

Johnny tells Kitty, referring to Chris, "The poor sap must be a hophead seeing snakes on the el." (0:47)

Kitty: "You're crazy."
Johnny: "Well then don't tell me I'm crazy." (0:54)

Kitty tells Johnny, "You're crazy to try a thing like this." (0:59)

Chris tells Adele, "You're talking crazy." (1:08)

Adele's ex-husband Patch-eye asks Chris, "Imagine anybody committing suicide for that much money?" (1:16)

Kitty asks Millie, referring to Johnny, "Was he getting tight?" (1:23)

Kitty tells Chris, "Oh, you idiot." (125)

Bartender Tiny, on the witness stand, referring to Johnny, "Yeah, he was mean when he was drunk." (1:31)

Chris hears the voices of deceased Kitty and Johnny.
Kitty: "Oh you idiot..." (1:35)

Chris has tried to hang himself. (1:38)

One policeman tells another policeman, referring to Chris, "Oh, he's got a crazy idea he killed a couple of people... You know these nuts." (1:39)