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Steven Soderbergh, Betsy Brantley, David Jensen, Mike Malone, Eddie Jemison, Scott Allen, Katherine La Nasa, Silas Cooper, Liann Pattison
heroin | propoxyphene | Darvon
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Director Soderbergh from a stage: “In the event that you find certain sequences or ideas confusing, please bear in mind that this is your fault, not ours.” (0:01)

A woman tells business writer Fletcher: “All my anxieties subsided.” (0:03)

Cardiologist: “Both were caused by... which, when combined with a stressful work environment, leads to a myocardial infarction...” (0:06)

A coworker tells Fletcher, “... so when things got really terrible, wondering how much more depressing this can be...”
”... I’m just this sad, gloomy, depressed guy...” (0:07)

Doctor: “... could result in fatigue, psychoneurotic disorder...” (0:08)

His coworker Nameless Numberhead Man tells Fletcher, referring to coworker Lester’s death, “Well, the guy ate like hell, had chronic insomnia... symptoms of diabetes...” (0:10)

By telephone a woman tells exterminator Elmo, “Sanity wedlock.” (0:20)

His wife tells Fletcher, “Convincingly confused.” (0:21)

Fletcher tells his wife, “Ooh, really well-rehearsed speech about workload and stress.” (0:24)

Funeral for Lester in cemetery (0:25, 1:16)

Fletcher tells Nameless Numberhead Man, “Listen, I think this whole spy/mole thing is just a creation of the right-hand man to keep everybody paranoid and scared.” (0:27)

Fletcher tells Nameless Numberhead Man, “Just like in No Way Out.” (0:34)

His boss tells Fletcher, “I didn’t want to see a misdirected, panic-induced, cretinous little piece of shit.”
”What’s that, that moron...?” (0:36)

Fletcher hears a man outside his toilet stall: “Five: The collective unconscious.” (0:42)

A palmist addresses Fletcher as doppelganger dentist Dr. Jeffrey Korchek. (0:51)

Elmo beats up a woman and child. (0:58)

Korchek tells his brother, “... I gotta tell you, you know, this whole drug thing... I can get you drugs.”
Brother: “Heroin?”
Korchek: “No, heroin I can’t get, but Darvocet I can get in enormous quantities.” (0:58)

Another golfer tells Korchek, “... and the whole thing ended with something that was just hysterical.” (0:59)

Elmo: “You wanna see aggression?” (1:04)

A screenwriter tells Elmo, “We’re a little confused.”
Elmo: “Alright, if metaphors are too complicated for you, let me explain it... Now what is so confusing about that?” (1:07)

Fletcher’s wife sees her doppelganger in a restaurant. (1:21)

T. Azimuth Schwitters lectures: “Over the past decade the enormous expansion of Eventualism across the continent proves the absolute and essential role of Eventualism in all realms of life, be it metaphysics, psychology, art, what have you... Soon its influence will expand... into the collective unconscious, where it will become even more powerful.” (1:23)

Detective interrogating Elmo: “Did you plan to shoot yourself?” (1:32)

Fletcher: “In eight years, after getting drunk at a friend’s wedding reception in Anchorage, Alaska I fell asleep in a snowdrift while walking back to my hotel.” (1:35)