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Scream 2

David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jamie Kennedy, Laurie Metcalf, Elise Neal, Jerry O'Connell, Timothy Olyphant, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liev Schreiber, Omar Epps, Tori Spelling, Heather Graham, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Selma Blair, Portia de Rossi, Luke Wilson, Nancy O'Dell
David Berkowitz | Ted Bundy | Jeffrey Dahmer | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | coffee | crack cocaine | fluoxetine | Prozac | ketamine
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Sidney tells Randy, “Yes, and you are in extreme denial” (0:17)

Journalist Debbie tells author Gale she found her novel “Insightful...” (0:19)

Sidney tells deputy Dewey, “I’m see someone... no apparent psychotic tendencies.”
Dewey: “Look Sid, if there is some freaked out psycho...” (0:23)

Sidney: “I think you’re taking your psych major a little too seriously Hallie.”
Hallie: “Yeah, insecure, neurotic and emotional.” (0:28)

By telephone Cici tells a friend, referring to Ted, “He sounds drunk.”
Friend: ”That shit always calls you when he’s drunk.”
Cici: “Okay, Ted, you sound loaded.”
”I’m sober sister. I need to be here in case a drunk sister calls and needs a ride.”
Friend: “That movie Stab is bringing out the crazies.”
”Don’t panic, Cici.” (0:29)

Debbie: “So it’s definitely not suicide.” (0:37)

Mickey tells Sidney, “It’s crazy.” (0:41)

Mickey tells Hallie, “That’s what they said about Dahmer.” (0:47)

Derek tells Sidney, “I know things are a little crazy.” (0:49)

Actress Tori tells the interviewer, “Well, I play this young girl, Sidney Prescott, who discovers that her boyfriend is this crazy serial killer...” (0:50)

Randy tells Dewey, “I know all about obsession.” (0:53)

Drama teacher Gus tells Sidney, “The madness.” (0:56)

Gale’s cameraman Joel: “I’m gonna get me some coffee, doughnuts, Prozac, see if I can find some crack, special K, X, not Malcom...” (1:01)

Randy tells the killer by telephone his favorite scary movie is Showgirls. “What a... homo-repressed mama’s boy... Manson, Bundy, son of...” (1:03)

When he sees Randy’s mutilated body Joel faints.” (1:06)

Cotton tells Sidney, “Everybody thinks I’m some kind of psycho killer.” (1:09)

Cotton tells Chief Hartley and the detectives, “That was a very insightful program...” (1:11)

Hallie tells the detectives, referring to Sidney, “I’m her therapist.” (1:23)

Derek, referring to Mickey: “Sid, he’s crazy.”
Mickey asks Derek, “Is Sidney experiencing some déjà vu?”
Sidney tells Mickey, “You’re a psychotic.”
Mickey, referring to Debbie, ”We met on the... psycho web site...”
Debbie tells Sidney, referring to Mickey, “Poor boy was out of his mind.”
”I’m very sane.”
Sidney: “You’re as crazy as your son was.” (1:26)

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