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CastBill Murray, Karen Allen, John Forsythe, John Glover, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Johansen, Carol Kane, Robert Mitchum, Nicholas Phillips, Michael J. Pollard, Alfre Woodard
Year released1988
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Narrator: "Psychos seize Santa's workshop." (0:02)

Narrator: "Drug Addiction" (0:06)

Television executive Frank Cross tells his boss, "Don't worry, Preston." (0:12)

Frank tells his brother James,"All these idiots are going to be home watching the boob tube for me tonight." (0:15)

Frank's secretary Grace tells her son Calvin, "$200 I don't have to tell me that you don't speak... I know you don't speak, yet." (0:17)

Frank tells his deceased ex-boss and friend Lew Hayward, "You're a hallucination brought on by alcohol."
”They'll think I'm a suicide.” (0:21)

Frank tells Claire Phillips,"... I'm a seafood nut..." (0:30)

Frank hallucinates. (0:34)

The Ghost of Christmas Past tells another driver, "Go back to Jersey, you moron." (0:37)

The Ghost of Christmas Past tells Frank, "That was the kid on The Courtship of Eddie's Father." (0:41)

Frank tells a younger self, "You idiot, you moron, get back there."
”What an idiot I am.”
Referring to Tina: ”I must have been out of my mind. She was crazy about me.” (0:43)

Frank tells Claire, referring to Christmas, "It's a time to be a little less selfish, you know?" (0:50)

An actor playing Scrooge asks Frank, "What, are you crazy?"
Frank: “Yeah, buddy, I'm crazy, crazy like a fox, crazy enough to see through your little tricks.” (0:52)

Homeless Herman tells Frank, "... after Exorcist 2 and Night of the Iguana, we thought we had something special."
Homeless Billy: ”or The Sandpiper.”
Homeless Eva: ”Do Cleopatra for me.” (0:55)

His new assistant Brice tells Frank, "We were so worried about you. Everybody was worried sick." (0:59)

The Ghost of Christmas present tells Frank, referring to Calvin, "He hasn't spoken since he saw his father killed five years ago."
Calvin watches A Christmas Carol on television. (1:03)

James’ wife Wendie tells a dog, "You are crazy." (1:05)

Frank tells unresponsive Herman, "You moron..." (1:09)

Brice, referring to The Ghost of Christmas Future: "Get this nut cake out of here." (1:12)

Eliot Loudermilk tells Frank, "I can't recall much after that because ever since then, I've been blind, stinking drunk." (1:16)

Frank finds Grace and Calvin in a padded room.
Frank: ”Don't worry about it.” (1:18)

Frank, seeing his sister-in-law in front of a casket: "James, my brother, he's dead." (1:20)

Production technician, referring to Frank: "He's drunk."
Another technician: ”He's nuts.”
Frank: ”What kind of a rat bastard idiot would schedule a live show on Christmas Eve?”
By telephone, Rhinelander tells Loudermilk, ”I want to talk to the idiot who put that moron on the air.”
Loudermilk: ”Brice Cummings is the idiot, sir.”
Frank: ”Tonight I think we can do this without serious physical or psychological damage?”
”I’m not crazy.” (1:24)

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