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The Secret in Their Eyes

Soledad Villamil, Ricardo Darín, Carla Quevedo, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino, Bárbara Palladino, Rudy Romano, Alejandro Abelenda, Mario Alarcón, Guillermo Francella, José Luis Gioia
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Clerk Mariano tells judge Irene, "I'm typing a deposition."
Irene: "A deposition?" (0:06)

Bank clerk Ricardo grieves after he learns of the murder of his wife Liliana. (0:15)

Deputy clerk Pablo tells prosecutor Benjamín, "I, criminal judge Raimundo Fortuna Lacalle hereby declare myself completely insane..."
Irene tells Benjamín, "... Raimundo... is mentally ill, legally speaking, insane, suffering from chronic delirium..." (0:16)

Ricardo tells Benjamín, "I know I'm in denial, but..." (0:23)

Ricardo grieves over Liliana. (0:31)

Benjamín tells Pablo, "and the only guy I can trust... is a drunk... The drunk... And the drunk idiot can't say no." (0:34)

Irene tells Benjamín, "I declare myself incompetent." (0:49)

Benjamín tells Pablo, "Not only did you sneak off to get drunk..."
Pablo: "I love... getting drunk." (0:56)

Benjamín tells Pablo, "This is madness." (1:01)

Irene asks suspect Isidoro, "What are you laughing at, retard?" (1:12)

A bar patron tells Pablo, "You're a stinking drunk."
Pablo: "Me, drunk?" (1:27)

Benjamín tells Ricardo about the murder of Pablo. (1:50)

Benjamín leaves flowers at Pablo's resting place. (2:02)