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Secret Window

Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, Charles S. Dutton, Len Cariou, Joan Heney, John Dunn-Hill
Ernest Hemingway
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Sheriff Dave Newsome tells author Morton “Mort” Rainey, "So, do you got yourself a member of the crazy folks tribe?" (0:26)

Private investigator Ken Karsch tells Rainey, "Is he a regular wacko like you've had before?"
Rainey: ”No, this guy is simply out of his mind.”
Karsch: ”He wasn't this crazy. That guy was just an obsessed reader who couldn't tell real life from the crap you make up for a living.”
Karsch: ”Don't freak out.” (0:27)

Karsch tells Rainey, "Hey, relax, Hemingway."
”Find out who else saw your nut job.”
”Don't worry. Once I find out where this Shooter’s staying I'll stop in for a little freaked me out chat.” (0:32)

Mort tells his estranged wife Amy, "I'm not gonna freak out about this, but, I mean, this is our stuff." (0:47)

By telephone, Karsch tells Mort, referring to Tom Greenleaf, "... but then he gets nervous..."
”I don't think Shooter’s just some nut.” (0:51)

Mort faints when he discovers Greenleaf and Karsch dead. (1:02)

Mort tells Shooter, "You're insane."
”I have the magazine, you lunatic.”
Shooter: ”... if things turn out that way, then I suppose I am crazy, and that kind of crazy man has no reason or excuse to live.” (1:03)

By telephone, Amy tells Mort, "I've been so worried about you."
Mort: ”You were worried about me, and I believed you. What an idiot.” (1:08)

Mort answers his double: "To get confused."
”Oh, I'm already confused, Pilgrim, so don't talk to me about confusion.”
”You're nuts.” (1:16)