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Sensitivity Training

CastAnna Lise Phillips, Jill Alexander, Quinn Marcus
Year released2018
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Microbiologist Dr. Serena Wolfe, referring to a motorist: "F... you, you complete moron!" (0:00)

Serena tells her colleague Dr. Laura Stern, "Hearing you speak makes me want to hurl myself in front of a speeding vehicle." (0:04)

Graduate student Ellen tells Serena, "Laura Stern killed herself last night."
Her boss Dr. Don Pierson asks Serena: "Did you mention something about throwing oneself in front of a moving vehicle?"
"You are to undergo intensive sensitivity training..." (0:07)

Dr. Hamilton explains lab worker Joan's crying to Serena: "Her adoptive mother passed away." (0:10)

Sensitivity coach Caroline tells Serena, "I have a dual doctorate in sociology and behavioral psychology."
"The only one who can sign off on whether your sensitivity training has been a success is I." (0:11)

Hamilton asks Joan, "Some sort of extreme behavior modification therapy?" (0:13)

By telephone Serena tells Dr. Pierson, referring to Laura, "Maybe she had a chemical imbalance. Was she on medication?"
Serena asks Caroline, "Why are people so obsessed with photos?" (0:16)

Serena tells Caroline, "Okay, I feel that's retarded." (0:21)

Serena asks Caroline, "Okay, should I... recover a memory of being fondled by my uncle?"
Caroline: "Okay, I'm trying to figure out why your defenses are so high."
Serena: "My defenses?"
Caroline: "These are you defense mechanisms." (0:21)

Serena tells Caroline, "I hate the color purple, not the actual book or the movie, just the actual color... I hate when men use erection metaphors..." (0:23)

Caroline tells Serena, "Here's your new stress ball." (0:28)

Serena asks Caroline, "Are you even a real person, or are you a schizophrenic hallucination? Should I be on medication?" (0:29)

Serena asks Caroline, referring to Caroline's daughter Maggie, "Does she have a learning disability?" (0:30)

Serena tells her half brother Ethan, "It's sort of retarded."
"I feel that it's retarded." (0:34)

Serena tells the lab workers, "We've been short-staffed since Laura killed herself..." (0:35)

Serena tells Caroline, "My mother is retarded..."
"Did you just therapy me?"
Caroline: "You know how you never get to see the end of movies because of your anger management problem?"
Serena: "Is this Fight Club?"
Caroline: "You're a really belligerent drunk."
Serena: "Fight Club." (0:43)

Serena asks Ethan, "Did you know that Bruce Willis was dead the entire time in Sixth Sense?" (0:47)

Serena tells Caroline, "The first rule of Fight Club is...." (0:48)

Don: "Serena, I don't have time to hear your protestations about sensitivity training." (0:49)

Caroline tells Serena, "... your temper and road rage are still big hurdles for you." (0:54)

Serena tells Caroline, "You're just a sad, insecure woman who's compulsively nice..." (0:58)

Serena tells Don, "I guess I failed sensitivity training." (1:02)

Serena tells Caroline, "I thought you had killed yourself because of the horrible things that I said to you."
Caroline: "Nothing you say could ever make me want to kill myself."
Serena: "... you looked unconscious." (1:13)

Maggie tells a boy, "Your I.Q. matches your shoe size." (1:15)

Dr. Hamilton tells Serena and Caroline, referring to Dr. Stern, "That's why she killed herself." (1:16)

Don tells Caroline, "... Serena no longer needs sensitivity training." (1:18)

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