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Separate Tables

Deborah Kerr, Rita Hayworth, David Niven, Wendy Hiller, Burt Lancaster, Gladys Cooper, Cathleen Nesbitt, Felix Aylmer, Rod Taylor, Audrey Dalton, May Hallatt
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Sibyl tells Maj. David Angus Pollock, “Berlin must have been depressing.”
Pollock: “Berlin depressing?” (0:04)

Mrs. Maud Railton-Bell tells her friend Lady Gladys Matheson, referring to John Malcolm, “He’s drunk.” (0:19)

Her mother Mrs. Maud Railton-Bell tells Sibyl Railton-Bell, “Your nervous system isn't nearly as sound as it should be.”
”But there's quite a difference in not having an hysterical fit and being able to keep a job.” (0:32)

Maud tells Gladys, referring to glasses, “I idiotically left mine upstairs.” (0:34)

Sibyl becomes hysterical. (0:50)

His ex-wife and tells John, “All this fencing is a bit idiotic...”
John: ”My craving for you was so violent that I could deny you nothing...”
”... goad him to such a fury of... rage that he'd kick open the locked door of your bedroom and damn near kill you... besides, I'm a little drunker than usual tonight.” (0:52)

Hotel keeper Pat tells John, referring to John's ex-wife anne, “She was pretty hysterical last night...”
”John, did you know that she took drugs?”
John: “Drugs?”
Pat: “It's only the kind to make you sleep, but she takes three times the proper dose.” (1:22)