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September (1987)

Denholm Elliott, Dianne Wiest, Mia Farrow, Elaine Stritch, Sam Waterston, Jack Warden, Ira Wheeler, Jane Cecil, Rosemary Murphy
Woody Allen | Valium | diazepam
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Actor Diane tells writer Peter, referring to her daughter Lane, "What a memory. What a memory... I hadn't seen her, you know, since she took the pills." (0:05)

Lane tells Peter, "Otherwise, of course you have to take tranquilizers to calm down."
referring to Diane, "That she left my father, who was a wonderful man, for a gangster who used to beat her up all the time?" (0:07)

French teacher Howard tells Stephanie, referring to Lane, "So in the end I hedged and procrastinated and obsessed over her." (0:12)

Diane tells Lane, "... and I'm not saying anything different than a lot of those high-priced psychiatrists have said." (0:17)

Diane tells Peter, referring to Lane, "She's been so blue." (0:26)

Howard tells Lane, "Although the year after my wife died I was never sober."
Lane: "You're gonna have a terrible hangover tomorrow." (0:31)

Stephanie tells Peter, referring to Lane, "She's crazy about you." (0:39)

Peter tells Lane, "I would rather stay drunk."
Lane: "You've been in such a strange mood all night."
Peter: "The funny thing is that I'll probably wind up calling you at 3 AM in New York to keep me from going off the deep end." (0:44)

Stephanie asks Lane, "Why are you so depressed?" (0:53)

Diane asks Lane, "Was I sober when I gave it to you?" (1:02)

Stephanie: "Lane, can I have the sleeping pills back?"
Lane: "I just want to swallow all of this Valium."
Stephanie: "Well, you know it's hard to die from Valium. It takes about a million."
Lane: "I'll take 'em all." (1:06)