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September Affair

Joan Fontaine, Joseph Cotten, Jessica Tandy
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Engineer David Lawrence tells pianist Manina Stuart, "Alright, I’m selfish." (0:31)

David’s wife Catherine tells her lawyer Charles Morrison, referring to David, "Was I selfish, Charles, to try to hold on to him?" (0:38)

Manina’s piano teacher friend Maria Salvatini, referring to David: "Crazy Americano." (0:39)

Maria tells Manina, "You make a suicide pact."
”What you’re doing is selfish, cowardly and wrong.”
: ”Cowardly because we have the courage to start again, or selfish because we don’t want to hurt anyone?” (0:40)

Manina: "Maria, you seem to have a fixed idea that we’re destined to be unhappy, but I’ve told you..."
Maria: ”Do you know why you’re irritable?”
”Because he’s irritable.” (1:02)

Manina tells Maria, referring to Catherine, "If she knew the truth, she’d be just as selfish as before." (1:14)

David tells Manina, "When it comes to work, I’m a monomaniac." (1:16)

Manina’s manager Mr. Grazzi tells the reporters, "Have a little patience." (1:34)