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Serial Mom

CastKathleen Turner, Ricki Lake, Suzanne Somers, Sam Waterston, Matthew Lillard, Traci Lords, Mink Stole, Patricia Hearst
Year released1994
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Chip asks his dentist father Eugene, “Hey Dad, have you ever seen Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer?” (0:04)

Eugene tells the others, referring to Chip and his friend, “That Birdie, she’s a horror nut, like my son.” (0:07)

Dottie, by telephone: “I’m sorry, Mrs. Wilson, but this is driving me crazy.” (0:10)

Math teacher Mr. Stubbins expresses concern to Eugene’s wife Beverly about their son Chip and “His unhealthy obsession with sick horror films.”
Alcoholic relative?”
”I’d recommend therapy for your son.” (0:13)

A girl tokes a joint. (0:14)

Chip characterizes a film to his friends Birdie and Scotty as “The Citizen Kane of gore movies.” (0:16)

Eugene and Beverly’s daughter Misty, referring to Luann: “She’s a stoner.”
Chip: ”A pothead.” (0:19)

Beverly tells the detectives, “Well as I understand it, the only eyewitness was a drug user.” (0:24)

Eugene’s patient Ralph tells his wife, “Help me, Betty, he’s worse than the dentist in the Marathon Man.” (0:30)

Detective Gracey asks, “Dr. Sutphin, is your wife mental?” (0:31)

His date and Misty react with horror to Carl’s death. (0:36)

Eugene listens to his wife’s tape: “Beverly, it’s me Ted Bundy...” (0:38)

Misty tells Chip, “Maybe Mom’s nuts.” (0:39)

Beverly tells the family, “It’s been a crazy day...” (0:40)

Misty tells Chip and Eugene, “Mom’s gone crazy.” (0:42)

Chip asks Misty and Eugene, “If Mom is psycho, Scotty will still be okay, won’t he?” (0:43)

Eugen tells Beverly, “We’re gonna get you good psychiatric help.” (0:51)

Customer Mrs. Jensen: “Do you have the musical Annie?”
Video store clerk Chip: ”Did you bring back Ghost Dad?”
Jensen: “Keep the change, you son of a psycho.” (0:57)

Jensen tells her dog Sylvester, “Mommy’s watching Annie.” (0:59)

Gracey reports by radio, referring to Beverly, “She is armed, and... nuts.” (1:04)

A woman tells another woman, “My husband thought I was crazy.” (1:10)

Her attorney Herbie tells the jury, referring to Beverly, “She is insane.”
Herbie: “Beverly Sutphin is not guilty by reason of insanity.” (1:13)

Beverly cross examines Dottie, “So you were not drunk when you received those allegedly obscene phone calls?”
”Mrs. Hinkle, are you insane?” (1:15)

Prosecutor Nazlerod asks Det. Gracey on the witness standing about “These books... that so lovingly describe the sadistic acts of serial killers...” (1:19)

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