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The Sessions

John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, Moon Bloodgood, Annika Marks, Adam Arkin, Rhea Perlman, W. Earl Brown, Robin Weigert, Blake Lindsley
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Caregiver Amanda tells poet Mark, referring to her boyfriend, "He thinks that you are... gonna hypnotize me..." (0:11)

Father Brendan asks Mark, "Have you considered sharing your feelings with a therapist?" (0:13)

Editor Sandy tells Mark on the phone, "We're doing a series of articles... The subject is sex and the disabled." (0:15)

Man in wheel chair: "One thing... is that I smoke so much weed that my taste buds are pretty jaded." (0:17)

Mark asks Father Brendan, "You remember at one point you suggested I might see a therapist?... I ended up seeing a therapist, a particular sort of therapist, a sex therapist." (0:18)

A receptionist tells Mark, "I can give you the phone number of one of the therapists that used to work there." (0:18) 

In a session Cheryl says, "Mark, I'm just a humble sex therapist." (0:19) 

Mark tells Father Brendan, "This therapist suggested..." (0:20)

Mark tells Father Brendan, "Let's just say I value your advice as much as I do the therapist's." (0:21) 

Cheryl tells Mark, "This therapy's about you." (0:38)

Cheryl dictates "We discussed his fantasies which were mostly masochistic..." (0:45)

Father Brendan, "Forget the psychobabble." (0:46)

Vera asks Mark, "You nervous?" (0:46)

Cheryl dictates: "Mark appears to be indulging in typical transference behavior... his anxiety about sexual performance has diminished." (1:01)

As he lies in his hospital bed Susan tells Mark, "I'm just a volunteer. I'm not a therapist."
Mark: "I'm just smiling at the idea that a therapist could do anything useful for me right now." (1:25)

Funeral for Mark. (1:28)

Did Cheryl's boundary violations harm her patient?