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Set It Off

CastJada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox, Kimberly Elise
Year released1996
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His janitor sister Lida “Stony” Newsome tells Stevie, "... don’t start trippin’..."
”... well, don’t worry about it..” (0:09)

Stony’s janitor friend Cleopatra “Cleo” Sims: "Don’t worry..."
Their janitor friend Tisean “T.T.” Williams: ”No, that’s crazy.”
Cleo: ”Look, if that crackhead Darnell could rob a bank...”
Stony: ”Well, too bad we ain’t some hard-up crackhead... we could do some suicidal shit like rob a bank, but we ain’t crazy...” (0:13)

Cleo displays a bag that appears to contain marijuana. (0:20)

Cleo: "Blunt talking..."
The girls share a maijuana cigarette.
”Chronic always get her ass all quiet.”

Stony: ”... every time we get high, you start looking like Sugar Bear.”
”Ya’’ll niggers don’t lost your mind.”
Cleo, referring to their ex bank teller friend Francesca “Frankie” Sutton: ”Frankie, you gonna get socked dead in the eye.” (0:20)

Stony tells Stevie, "Don’t worry about where I got it." (0:23)

His friend Lorenz tells Stevie, referring to Stony, "She be trippin’." (0:25)

Stony reacts to the death of Stevie. (0:28)

Detective Waller tells Detective Strode, referring to Stevie, "I hear both parents killed in a car accident 4 years ago." (0:30)

Children’s Protective Services worker Wells tells T.T., "... we’re gonna retain custody..."
”Now Jajuan will remain in our custody...” (0:37)

Stony: "Stop smoking weed." (0:39)

Frankie tells T.T., "I’m sorry I was tripping." (0:47)

Stony tells banker Keith, "... that’s where the mayor got popped basin’ up..." (0:49)

Stony tells Keith, referring to Stevie, "He’s dead." (0:52)

Stony tells Cleo, "This money got you trippin’."
Stony tells Frankie: ”All right, Louise, ya’ll take Thelma over there...”
“Cleo , you are real high...”
Stony smacks Cleo in the face. (0:56)

Cleo tells Frankie, "You know how I get when I’m faded." (0:59)

Policeman, by radio: "... we got a vagrant that’s drunk and disorderly..." (1:07)

Keith asks Stony, "Are you nervous?" (1:16)

Cleo: "You crazy." (1:20)

Gun dealer Black Sam, referring to janitor boss Luther: "That's why that fool was acting crazy." (1:21)

Cleo strikes Luther on the head with a pistol. (1:22)

T.T. tells Cleo, "You're makin’ me nervous."
Cleo: ”Ho making you nervous?” (1:30)

Cleo answers Frankie, "Tryin’ to find some mood music." (1:31)

Cleo slams a bank guard’s head against the wall. (1:34)

Stony tells T.T., "You don’t worry about Keith, okay? You worry about that tattoo you gonna get..."
T.T. dies in Stony’s arms. (1:40)

Her girlfriend Ursula reacts to Cleo’s death. (1:49)

Stony reacts to Frankie’s death. (1:52)

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