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Seven Psychopaths

Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Abbie Cornish, Tom Waits, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Pitt, Zeljko Ivanek, Gabourey Sidibe, Kevin Corrigan
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Hit man Larry asks hit man Tommy, “Are you nervous ‘cause we’re killing a chick?” (0:01)

Dognapper Billy asks his screenwriter friend: “How’s the Seven Psychopaths coming along Marty?”
Martin: “Just haven't been able to come up with all the psychopaths yet.”
”One, and he ain’t really much of a psychopath.”
”But it still has to be about seven psychopaths, so this Buddhist psychopath...”
Billy: “So what happens to the seven psychopaths at the end?”
“I got a psychopath fool you can write with... a major wacko.”
Martin: ”That’s a great... psychopath, Billy.”
”That’s a great... psychopath Billy.” (0:07)

Martin: “... and if he had ever been a psychopath, he was not one anymore... This went on for 11... years until finally the killer went mad... and one winter night, while recalling a Catholic tract he'd read, which stated that the only people guaranteed a place in Hell... were those who had died by their own hand... so he cut his own throat open, and the last thing that the killer ever saw was the old man take out a cut-throat razor of his own, put it to his throat, and slice.” (0:11)

Title: Psychopath No. 2 (0:14)

Title: Psychopath No. 3 (0:16)

His cancer patient wife Myra tells dognapper Hans, “Sometimes, I think God’s gone crazy sometimes.” (0:17)

Martin: “... and the last thing that the killer ever saw was the old man take out a cut-throat razor of his own, put it to his throat, and slice.” (0:19)/taxonomy/term/7285

Title: Psychopath No. 4 (0:20)

Martin wakes up in Billy’s place with no recollection of how he got there. Alcoholic blackout? He tells Kaya by telephone, “Honey, listen, I can’t exactly remember exactly what happened last night.” (0:22)

Martin tells Billy, “I’m not in the... mood.”
Billy: “... and the Irish have got alcoholism.” (0:23)

Martin reads an ad placed by Billy. “Calling all psychopaths. Are you mental or deranged?... and if your story is crazy or quirky enough...” (0:24)

Billy: “Well we could sober up, Marty.” (0:28)

Billy “You know, Marty, the way you're feeling today, all depressed and alcoholic and shit... Mad idea?”
Martin: “I’m gonna go blow my... brains out.”
Billy: “You know your writing helps alleviate your suicidal self-loathing and shit.”
Martin: “I don’t have suicidal self-loathing and shit.” (0:29)

Billy tells killer Zachariah, “If you sounded like a nut, I probably just deleted you.”
”We gotta get this dog off the street because it was kidnapped from a maniac.” (0:30)

Title: “The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run" (0:34)

Angela, referring to her gang boss lover Charlie: “The guy’s a psychopath, Billy.”
Billy: ”Well, did you ever ask yourself what you're doing screwing a psychopath in the first place?”
Angela: “Screwing two psychopaths is what the question is.” (0:46)

Title: Psychopath No. 7 (0:48)

Billy, referring to Marty: “Do everything to keep his mind on track about the seven psychopaths.” (0:50)

Charlie tells his thug Paulo, “The guy’s a... psychopath.” (0:52)

Martin asks Billy, “How could you have known it was that psycho’s dog?”
”Do you wanna help me write Seven Psychopaths, Billy?” (0:52)

Hans tells Martin, “I take peyote sometimes. Billy has some peyote I’m gonna take later.”
Martin: ”It’s all about this Quaker psychopath... the only ones guaranteed to go to Hell are those who die by their own hand.”
”The killer took out a cut-throat razor, and as he cut his throat open, he whispered, ‘Now are you happy, old man?’ and the last thing...”
”... that the killer ever saw, yes, was the old man take out a razor of his own, put it to his throat...”
Hans: “And slice.” (0:53)

Hans tells Martin and Billy, “I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a psychopath, you know...”
Billy: “It’s about seven... psychopaths.” (0:56)

Hans looks at a picture and mourns Myra's death. (0:59)

Martin tells Hans about the Viet Cong warrior, “A psycho.”
Graves of the Viet Cong’s family in My Lai.
Billy: “That’s a great... psychopath Marty.”
”How about we change the title from Seven Psychopaths...” (1:01)

Billy: “I'm a little nervous.”
Martin: “Surely he knows that the mafia boss is a psycho.”
Billy: “Suddenly out of every... grave burst the seven psychopaths...”
Billy: “And... look who’s wandered in like a... idiot.” (1:03)

Martin: “Billy’s a psychopath, Hans.” (1:10)

Hans: “Where’s the peyote, Billy?”
Billy: ”Oh, are we gonna have a peyote party?” (1:10)

Billy: “Who’s on the... peyote around here Marty?”
Martin: “Maybe I am an alcoholic if I could forget something like that. Maybe I am an alcoholic.”
”Where’s this other... nutcase?” (1:11)

Martin: “Maybe you've just eaten too many hallucinogenic cactuses tonight, Hans.”
Hans: ”Nothing to do with the hallucinogens.” (1:14)

Hans tells Martin, “Psychopathic friends do. You’re the one who thought psychopaths were so interesting.” (1:16)

Billy: “Marty, you alcoholic... bastard.”
Martin tells Hans, “This guy just telephoned a psycho killer to come down and psycho kill us, and this guy’s doubting a life long belief in the afterlife because of a psychedelic cactus he just ate.”
Billy: “Hey, what’s this about doubting a life long belief in the afterlife because of a psychedelic cactus he just ate?...”
”I started saying all kinds of crazy stuff.” (1:17)

Martin tells Billy, “I'm drunk now anyway.” (1:20)

Charlie: “Your friend’s a... nut.”
Billy asks Martin, “Are you out of your alcoholic... mind?” (1:22)

Charlie tells Martin, “It’s a flesh wound you... idiot.” (1:28)

Charlie tells Billy, “Throw your guns down or the alcoholic gets it.”
Martin tells Charlie, “Seven Psychopaths.”
Billy tells Charlie, “Forgot about the flare gun you... idiot.” (1:31)

Martin mourns the loss of Charlie. Martin plays his recording: ”Martin... I’ve been kind of trying to come up with some sort of solution to your Viet Cong psychopath conundrum...”
”I've been reading a lot of Noam Chomsky... The first monk ever to burn himself to death to protest the war whispers, ’It might.’ He lights the match... so.. your Viet Cong psycho story becomes the final thoughts of a man who chose... suicide by self-immolation.” (1:35)

Martin holds his screenplay: “SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS” (1:41)