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Sex, Love & Therapy

Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, André Wilms
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Psychotherapist Lambert in session. He tells co-therapist Sabine, "I'll look dumb doing a talk on couples therapy alone!"
Sabine: "A therapist's talents emerge through practice." (0:03)

Saleswoman Judith tells her perfumer uncle Michel, "It's crazy." (0:06)

Sex addict support group: Moderator: "For newcomers, Lambert has been here over two years with ten months abstinence."
"He had a relapse last year."
"Alain is Lambert's sponsor." (0:08)

Lambert tells Alain, "Because women drive me crazy!"
"Some are really perverse."(0:08)

Student: "Marital counseling is a sort of public service." (0:11)

A dentist tells Judith, "I think you mean the marital counseling practice upstairs." (0:12)

Student Patricia tells Lambert, "There'll always be a special spot inside of me for patients because I feel for this cause." (0:12)

Lambert asks Judith, "Don't you think you might be a little too old for a student therapist?"
"So you chose marital therapy?"
"What do you like about marital therapy?" (0:13)

Session with Mr. & Mrs. Vernes. (0:14)

Lambert tells his hockey friend Bruno, "I'll put 'therapist/club manager' on my plate."
Bruno: "Give the therapy a rest. You don't counsel couples, you bust them." (0:17)

Judith tells a shoe salesman, "Shoes drive me crazy."
Salesman: "I'm crazy about women's feet." (0:18)

Lambert tells Judith, "Our patients are fragile."
"A therapist's talents emerge through practice." (0:20)

Session with the Jouberts.
Valérie Joubert, referring to her husband Pierre, "He has hang-ups."
Pierre: "Housewife syndrome." (0:21)

Lambert tells Judith, "You're too impulsive." (0:22)

Session (0:23)

Lambert tells his mother Nadine, "Drunk, you're less pretty."
Nadine: "I bet you have patients who'd suit me..."
Lambert: "Have you considered tranquilizers?" (0:25)

Session with Lavials
Christiane Lavial: "If we divorce, I'll shoot myself." (0:26)

Judith tells Lambert, "Totally nuts."
Lambert: "But the sensual instinctive spilling out of her clothes is tiring." (0:28)

Lambert tells Alain, referring to Judith, "With patients, she has lots of instinct." (0:31)

Lambert tells Judith, "Drink removes inhibitions, but we must toe a strict line." (0:33)

Series of sessions (0:34)

Lambert puts a couple through relaxation training. (0:34)

Lambert tells Judith, "Our next patients..."
"You show good intuition. You'll be a good therapist." (0:37)

Michel asks Judith, referring to Lambert, "Impotent?" (0:42)

Sessions: Lambert with Luc. Judith's patient, Luc's partner: "So we decided to take a more psychological approach. Submission, domination, fetishism, swinging..." (0:44)

Lambert tells Judith, "By the way, we have to speak at a therapists' forum in LIlle." (0:47)

Alain tells Lambert: "Not good for the abstinent."
Lambert: "I'm almost done with abstinence."
Alain: "After a period of abstinence the machinery gets rusty." (0:50)

Nadine tells Judith Lambert's father was "A madman."
Judith: "You'll find a madman."
Nadine tells Lambert, "You know who ZaZa is, in La Cage aux Folles?"
Lambert: "You're passing yourself off as a drag queen?"
Nadine: "What's wrong with drag queens?" (0:51)

Michel tells Lambert, referring to Judith, "Someone so unstable counseling couples, it's beyond comprehension."
Lambert: "It may sound confused..."
"Role-play is my job..."(0:55)

Judith tells Lambert, "Like now, with your manias..."
"No, it's exhibitionism." (0:59)

A man in the audience tells Lambert, referring to Judith, "First contact with patients must be different with..."
Lambert: "The choice of partner is important, but you don't turn up saying, 'I want to work as a tandem to be a good couples' therapist.'"
"Judith: "We often observe that the male analyst ignores the obvious, while the female one is clear and can help a patient who admits to having a problem."
Lambert: "Yes, but never forget that patients matter most. Therapists must leave aside their personal relations."
"A female analyst can be so stubborn in her approach that the male analyst must adopt more distance."
Judith: "How can you be honest with patients if you aren't with yourself? We must look at ourselves rather than play the therapist..."
Lambert: "I don't play the therapist!" (1:01)

Judith tells Lambert, "A true therapist asks himself the right questions." (1:03)

Lambert relapses. (1:03)

Actor Jean-Pierre asks Judith, "Why does a pretty girl like you come to a bar to get drunk?"
Judith: "It's crazy." (1:08)

Judith tells a man she imagines is a squirrel, "Dad killed Mom, then killed himself out of love."
"Are you crazy?" (1:12)

Lambert tells Judith, "You're totally deluded."
Judith: "Pervert!" (1:16)

His friend Bruno calls Lambert, "Idiot." (1:17)

Judith walks in on Lambert's support group. The moderator tells a member, "Good, you begin abstinence this week."
Judith: "I don't know if I'm a sex addict, but..."
Moderator: "No sex addicts here. We're emotionally and sexually dependent."
"I suggest a month's abstinence."
Lambert: "I'd been abstinent nearly 12 months."
"But in one night I fell off the wagon..."
Moderator: "A month's abstinence with weekly checks."
Member Renaud: "I'm a porn addict." (1:18)

After the meeting Judith tells Lambert, "We can keep working together since we'll both be abstinent." (1:21)