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Shadow of the Thin Man

William Powell, Myrna Loy, Dickie Hall, Donna Reed, Barry Nelson
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A traffic cop tells private detective Nick Charles, "Don’t worry." (0:08)

Police Lieutenant Abrams tells Nick’s wife Nora, "Don’t worry." (0:12)

Nora asks Nick, "Drunk, dear?"
Nick: ”I’m seeing purple cows. I keep seeing purple cows.” (0:18)

One spectator tells another, "You’re nuts." (0:25)

Racketeer Link Strephens’ secretary Molly tells reporter Paul Clarke, "You sounded worried, though. I’ve had an anxious feeling ever since you phoned." (0:30)

Fighting with reporter Whitey Barrow, Paul Clarke loses consciousness. (0:34)

Abrams tells the coroner, "It’s Clarke who claimed he struck his head."
Coroner: ”He may have struck his head on the desk...” (0:38)

Abrams tells Nick, "What really worries me is that jockey." (0:43)

Abrams asks Nick, "Suicide? You mean he killed himself and then hid the gun?"
Nick: ”No, he hid the gun and then killed himself. Mind you, he may have been thinking of suicide when he went into the shower.” (0:50)

Nick tells his son Nick, Jr., "Hey, I’m groggy now." (0:53)

Nick asks Rainbow Benny, "What’s the matter, nervous?"
Benny: ”That’s it: nervous.”
”Oh, Nick, you’re too smart to get sold on a pipe dream like that.”
Nick: ”If I gave the police a drag on that pipe they might get dreams about you.” (1:11)

Nick tells waiter Luis, "Don’t worry..." (1:15)

The others find Rainbow Benny hanging dead by his neck.
Abrams: ”I guess he knew we had him cornered and decided to do it himself.”
”Rainbow might as well have signed a confession before he hung himself.”
Nick: ”Lieutenant, I’m afraid the suicide theory doesn’t quite stand up.”
Abrams: ”But Nick, there’s no sign of anything but a suicide. Look, he got up on that, hung himself on the chandelier, jumped and kicked the chair over.”
Nick tells Major Jason I. Sculley, ”... and then you strung him up to make it look like a suicide.”
Sculley: ”Why Nick, you must be mad.”
Nora swoons. (1:18)