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Joss Ackland, Claire Bloom
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Mrs. William L. “Joy” Gresham writes to professor and author Clive Staples “Jack” Lewis, "... that’s so you won’t write me off as a nut." (0:06)

His brother Warren “Warnie” tells Jack, "Americans don’t understand about inhibitions." (0:10)

Jack asks Warnie, "Couldn’t I give them the talk I gave to the disabled veterans?"
”Might not one of the women be married to a disabled veteran?” (0:11)

Joy tells Jack, "However you talk about God’s going to sound a little wacky."
Jack: ”My problem was to tell the one true wackiness from all the competing versions.”
”Once you let yourself go head-first without worry where you’re gonna land or anything, it works, you’re a diver.” (0:18)

Jack’s friend Christopher tells the others, "Then God must be bonkers." (0:20)

Jack tells Joy, "Before my mother died, there was nothing to be afraid of." (0:23)

Clergyman Harry tells Joy, "Women’s sixth sense: intuition." (0:25)

Joy tells Jack, "Yours anxiously, middle-aged Christian mother."
Referring to her husband: ”Bill is an alcoholic. He is compulsively unfaithful...”
”... only when he is drunk, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Once he broke a bottle over Douglas’s head.” (0:26)

Jack: "Don’t worry, Warnie." (0:41)

Jack tells Harry, referring to Joy’s husband, "He hit the children." (0:49)

Funeral for Joy (1:16)

Jack tells Christopher, "I’m afraid of my own grief." (1:20)

Warnie: "Jack, your grief is your own business." (1:21)

Harry: "That’s your grief talking, Jack." (1:22)