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Shallow Grave

Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox, Ken Stott, Keith Allen, Colin McCredie, Victoria Nairn
cocaine freebase
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David asks potential flatmate Goth, "Do a little freebase, maybe, from time to time?" (0:04)

Journalist Alex asks his accountant flatmate, "Oh, did you learn that in your psychotherapy group, David?" (0:06)

Alex: "I'm not usually drunk."
Physician flatmate Juliet: ”Not usually this drunk.” (0:11)

Alex replies to Juliet, referring to new novelist flatmate Hugo, "Well, killed himself." (0:16)

Alex, referring to Hugo: "Drugged-up, wandering, suicidal search-for-the-self f***-ups don't have families, David." (0:26)

Sign: "anesthetic dept." (0:34)

David tells Juliet and Alex, "That was quite stressful. I found that quite stressful." (0:40)

Juliette tells David, "You'll be making us all nervous." (0:44)

Alex tells David, "Security and insanity are not the same thing." (0:48)

Videocassette on the floor of the flat: Jaws 2 (1:04)

Inspector McCall asks Juliet, "Do you think you've got a good memory for faces?" (1:14)