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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

John Wayne, Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Victor McLaglen, Mildred Natwick, George O'Brien, Arthur Shields, Harry Woods
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Cavalry Captain Nathan reads the list of dead under Custer at Little Bighorn. He waters flowers at the graves of his wife and children in the graveyard. (0:12)

A cavalryman administers a volatile general anesthetic to Corporal Mike in preparation for surgery. (0:45)

Nathan tells Mrs. Allshard’s niece, “Mrs. Allshard’s having a rough time back there Miss Dandridge, chloroform and all.” (0:47)

Nathan grieves dead. (0:50)

Burial with military honors. (0:53)

Lt. Flint asks Lt. Ross, “Are you crazy mister?” (0:56)

Nathan tells Sgr. Hochbauer, referring to Sgt. Quincannon, “He’s under the influence.” (1:22)

Pony-That-Walks tells Nathan, “Get drunk together.” (1:34)

Nathan visits the graves. (1:42)

Trilogy: Fort Apache | She Wore a Yellow Ribbon | Rio Grande