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She Wouldn't Say Yes

Rosalind Russell, Lee Bowman, Adele Jergens, Charles Winninger, Harry Davenport, Sara Haden
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The captain answers psychiatrist Colonel Brady, ”Well, I can think of a couple of things, sir, one of them being the mother instinct, of course.” (0:01)

Patient Johnny tells Brady, "You see, my father was shell shocked in the last war."
Psychiatrist Dr. Susan A. Lane: ”We don’t have shell shock anymore.”
Johnny: ”War neurosis, or whatever you call it, you can get well from.” (0:02)

Brady tells Susan, "I think you’re perfectly honest in your denial, but I’m a psychiatrist, too, Dr. Lane, and I warn you, it is a denial."
Susan: ”I want to tell you that I was analyzed while I was a student...” (0:06)

The ticket clerk tells cartoonist Michael Kent, "Oh, I was worried about that." (0:10)

Susan tells Michael, "I happen to be a psychiatrist."
Michael: ”A mental peeping Tom, eh?” (0:16)

A porter tells the conductor, "The lady in Drawing Room B tried to jump off the train..."
Susan: ”Anybody with a drawing room all to themselves would never try to commit suicide.”
”She sounds like an intelligent woman.” (0:22)

Dancer Allura tells Susan, "It is none of your business why I tried to kill myself."
Susan: ”In the first place, I don’t believe you ever intended to kill yourself.”
”Noisy people never commit suicide.”
Allura: ”So I kill myself.”
Susan: ”Allura, do you know what a psychiatrist is?”
”I am a psychiatrist, Allura.” (0:23)

Susan tells her father, Dr. Lane, "A girl tried to commit suicide..."
”I start her treatments in the morning.”
Lane: ”Maybe you ought to be this man-eater’s patient...”
Susan: ”Just because you have a grandfather complex...” (0:27)

Michael tells Susan’s butler Albert, "There must be a lot of crazy people around." (0:33)

Allura in psychoanalysis secession with Susan
Susan tells Allura, ”I’m interested only in your mental reactions.”
Susan tells Lane, referring to his trumpet, ”You’ll drive people crazy with that thing.”
Lane: ”The more people I drive crazy, the richer you’ll get.”
Susan tells Allura, ”And that was the final shock that sealed your neurosis.” (0:34)

Susan tells Lane, "I’m removing a neurosis..." (0:42)

Allura tells Michael, referring to Susan, "She prescribed you."
Michael: ”Bad habit.” (0:46)

Michael tells Susan, referring to Allura, "I’m a free man, and that’s her complex, isn’t it." (0:47)

Susan tells Albert, referring to Allura, "But she’s also my patient..." (0:52)

Susan’s receptionist Laura Pitts tells her, "I can tell there’s fresh air out there, if my memory doesn’t fail me." (0:53)

Pittsy tells Susan, "A person can fall apart mentally if they’re not busy. You tell that to all your patients." (0:55)

Lane tells Susan, referring to Judge Whittaker, "The judge is just crazy about marrying people."
”Darling, don’t worry.” (0:57)

Pittsy tells Susan, "... then I haven’t lost my mind."
Susan: ”Father has no right to treat his patients like that.”
”In all my experience I’ve never come across a mania like that.” (0:57)

Lane tells Whittaker, "Well, now, don’t worry about the license." (0:58)

Susan tells Pittsy, "It isn’t exactly ethical to take a patient away from another doctor."
”Ethics shouldn’t even have to be considered when a man’s sanity is at stake.” (0:58)

Susan tells Lane, "That Whittaker man is in very bad mental condition..." (0:59)

Susan tells Mrs. Martha Whittaker, referring to winking, "It’s a nervous habit."
”That’s a typical symptom, you know. They always think everyone else is confused.”
The Whittakers’ neighbor Mrs. Downer: ”That’s what worries us.”
Susan, referring to Judge Wittaker: ”Now, after one of these marriage binges of his...”
Martha: ”Binges?”
Susan: ”Is there a feeling of let-down, a period of depression?”
Mrs. Whittaker tells Susan, ”You are nervous, aren’t you.”
Susan: ”I’m getting nervous.” (1:01)

Susan starts a psychoanalytic session with Judge Whittaker. (1:04)

Michael tells Whittaker, "Now don’t you worry about a thing." (1:06)

Miechael tells Susan, "... and we were worried about you."
Susan: ”Worried about me?”
Michael: ”It’s dangerous for a girl like you running around nights treating maniacs.”
Susan, referring to Whittaker: ”He is not a maniac.”
Michael: ”He’s crazy as a loon.”
Susan: ”He has one harmless little phobia.”
Michael: ”... that worried me.”
Martha: ”Any girl that sees rabbits.” (1:07)

By telephone, Dr. Lane asks Martha, "He’s fainted?"
Lane tells Albert, ”Judge Whittaker has fainted.” (1:09)

Dr. Lane tells Susan, "I’ve been very, very nervous."
Albert: ”I’ve been very, very nervous, too.”
Susan: ”I’ll discuss that insane asylum with you in the morning.” (1:09)

Michael tells Lane, referring to Susan, "It’s going to be an awful shock when she finds out, too." (1:10)

Susan asks Michael, "Do you suppose insanity is catching?"
Michael: ”Only Judge Whittaker isn’t insane.”
Susan: ”No, no, I’m the one that’s crazy.”
Michael: ”Your father called it a mental kidnapping.”
Susan: ”Still then we won’t have to worry about that for a while.” (1:12)

A flower delivery boy tells Susan, "You know, I‘m nuts about lilacs myself." (1:19)

Susan tells Pittsy, "This means my patient is well, you know?" (1:19)

Susan tells her patient, "Don’t worry about me getting lost." (1:20)

Susan tells Michael, "I lost my mind." (1:24)