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She's Out of Control

CastTony Danza, Catherine Hicks, Wallace Shawn, Dick O'Neill, Ami Dolenz, Laura Mooney, Derek McGrath, Dana Ashbrook, Matthew Perry, Lance Wilson-White, Michael Alaimo
Year released1989
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Radio manager Doug Simpson flies through a window. (0:01)

Doug answers police detective Nyland: ”...I’ve also been raising my two daughters since my wife died..." (0:03)

Doug tells his daughter Katie, "Now stop worrying about me..." (0:06)

Doug tells Katie, "... first you make me bring you to this crazy place..."
Doug’s girlfriend Janet Pearson tells Katie: ”Oh, don’t worry.” (0:08)

A business associate proposes to Doug "... a sex therapy talk show..." (0:21)

Doug tells psychiatrist Dr. Fishbinder, "... she told me to seek psychiatric help before it was too late... I’ve read a little Freud, Adler, Jung, and that book, what’s it called “You’re OK, I’m OK?”..."
Referring to Katie: ”I mean, I’m not sure she’s ready to deal emotionally with what’s happening to her physically.” (0:28)

Fishbinder’s license plate: "I SHRINK"
Fishbinder tells Doug, ”I have a patient in half an hour.” (0:35)

By telephone, His assistant Jeff Robbins asks Doug, "Are you crazy?" (0:37)

Doug tells Janet, "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams." (0:38)

Dout tells the guard, "I’m a patient of Dr. Fishbinder’s."
Guard: ”Are you on medication?” (0:41)

Doug tells the kids, "It just goes to show you how uptight some parents can be." (0:45)

When a train demolishes his Jaguar XKE, Doug faints. (0:51)

Doug: "Look, Katie, if you’re worried about the car, don’t... If you’re worried about Joey, it wasn’t his fault..."
Katie: ”I think it was symptomatic of his whole immature personality.” (0:52)

Doug in session with Fishbinder (1:00)

Janet tells Katie, "I just feel that your behavior is getting out of hand... driving your father crazy..." (1:07)

Doug in session with Fishbinder
Fishbinder: ”Mr. Simpson, you’re my favorite patient.” (1:08)

Janet’s father Chuck tells Doug, "You... experimented with drugs..."
Janet: ”... there’s nothing to worry about...”
Chuck tells Janet, ”I think you’re outta your mind.”
Janet: ”Doug’s just a little nervous...” (1:13)

The valet tells Doug, "It’s kind of crazy around here." (1:16)

Doug flies through the window. (1:24)

A man tells Doug, "Don’t worry, Mr. Simpson." (1:25)

Fishbinder tells Doug, referring to an open mind, "It’s a sign of intelligence." (1:28)

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