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Shirley (2024)

CastRegina King, Lance Reddick, Lucas Hedges, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christina Jackson, Michael Cherrie, André Holland, Terrence Howard
Year released2024
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Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm tells college student Robert Gottlieb, "Humility in successful people comes off as its own kind of arrogance." (0:14)

Shirley tells the audience, "... my presence before you now symbolizes a new era in American political history... I believe that we are intelligent enough to recognize the talent... which all Americans... have to offer.” (0:19)

Shirley tells the others that California is "... a big shiny object that’ll leave us distracted and defeated..." (0:33)

Gov. George Wallace: "... brought us drug addiction in our streets..." (0:34)

Her husband Conrad tells Shirley, "He was just some, some crazy..." 
”I try as hard as I can to be... attentive, mindful...” (0:41)

Interviewer, referring to Conrad: "Investigator for the City Bureau of Medical Services..." 
Shirley: ”... 200 pounds of patience...” (0:43)

Politician Ron Dellums tells Shirley, "You just worry about being the next president." (0:50)

Her sister Muriel St. Hill tells Shirley, "They say you’re crazy." 
”... How can your sister bad behave?” 
Referring to their father: ”... when he died, he left you the little money he had....” (0:57)

Stanley Townsend: "... there were a bunch of black folks who made fools of themselves..." (1:00)

Shirley tells Arthur Hardwick, Jr., "Too sentimental, I really am..." 
”People say I’m crazy. Am I crazy?” (1:03)

Robert tells Shirley, "I’m really worried about this FCC ruling..." (1:05)

Willie Brown: "... if you... try to run a Black in a symbolic protest campaign..." (1:26)

Campaign poster: "Muskie!" 
Wesley McDonald "Mac" Holder: “Shirley, this is Oly Clark with the Muskie campaign...”
Shirley: ”Now you’re worried about being fair.” (1:27)

Stanley "Willie Brown is going crazy." (1:31)

Man: "She is the only black woman crazy enough to run for president..." 
Shirley: ”... we know that you have the courage...” (1:32)

Ron Dellums: "Now we have to ignore the dreamers and the fools..." (1:42)

Barbar Lee, referring to Shirley: “... she gave everybody the confidence... you have to fight to change this madness." (1:48)

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