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Shoot the Moon

CastAlbert Finney, Diane Keaton, Karen Allen, Peter Weller, Dana Hill, Viveka Davis, Tracey Gold, Tina Yothers, George Murdock, Leora Dana, Irving Metzman
Year released1982
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Blog entry

One of the sisters, referring to their writer father George: “Daddy looks so nervous.” (0:14)

His wife Faith tells George, “You were with your lady friend.” (0:21)

George tells the girls, “I thought we might go up North, Jack London’s house...” (0:28)

Faith and the girls watch The Wizard of Oz. (0:33)

Faith smokes a joint. (0:44)

Marianne reads a brochure entitled Jack London.
George: “The night before Jack London was to move into this house somebody set fire to it.”
”Jack London lost everything.”
”Jack London was a wonderful man.” (0:52)

George beats Sherry. (1:22)

Judge, referring to George: “Mr. Dunlap, your insistence on limiting Mrs. Dunlap’s custody during vacations seems poorly timed.” (1:26)

George holds Faith’s father French as he dies. Funeral in cemetery. (1:32)

Faith: “This was crazy.”
George: “What was crazy?”
Faith: “It was crazy.” (1:41)

George tells Sherry, “Mommy’s crazy, huh?” (1:52)

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