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The Shop Around the Corner

Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Frank Morgan, Joseph Schildkraut, Sara Haden, Felix Bressart, William Tracy, Inez Courtney
Jimmy Stewart | Margaret Sullavan
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After a private detective confirms that his wife has been unfaithful and that it was not with the employee he had suspected, Mr. Matuschek disappears into his office. The delivery boy, Pepi, returning to the shop, opens the door to the office, looks alarmed, yells at Matuschek to stop, and disappears into the office himself. A gunshot rings out, a glass fixture shatters, and Pepi places a pistol on a counter(0:49).

In what appears to be a hospital Pepi asks the the doctor about his boss's condition, suggesting he might have suffered a "nervous breakdown." The doctor, with a barrage of psychiatric jargon, labels his condition as an "acute epileptoid manifestation of a pan-phobic melancholia with some indication of a neurasthenia cordis."