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Short Cuts

Frances McDormand, Bruce Davison, Anne Archer, Tim Robbins, Fred Ward, Huey Lewis, Zane Cassidy, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Penn, Madeleine Stowe, Lyle Lovett, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joseph C. Hopkins, Andie MacDowell, Lori Singer, Lily Tomlin, Josette Maccario, Lili Taylor, Tom Waits, Matthew Modine, Jack Lemmon, Buck Henry, Peter Gallagher
atropine | cocaine | crack cocaine | epinephrine | methaqualone | Quaalude | ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate
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Cop Gene tells his wife Sherri, “The dog drives me out of my mind.” (0:09)

Gene: “Crack. Kids... kids on crack.” (0:16)

Gene tells Sherri, “If you don’t like to hear about kids on C R A C K, you can come in the other room.” (0:22)

By telephone Sherri tells her artist sister Marian, referring to Gene, “Gives me some ridiculous excuse, like crack kids...”
”And now I’m not even supposed to say the word ‘crack’ in front of them.” (0:26)

Waitress Doreen asks her chauffeur husband Earl, “What’re you talkin’ crazy for?” (0:33)

Doreen tells Earl, “Oh, you’re drunk...”
”Why don’t you go get drunk and pee on Irmadine’s drapes again.”
Earl: “I’m gonna go get drunk. I’m gonna get drunk right now...’’ (0:38)

Vern asks his fishing partner Gordon, “What are you, crazy?” (0:52)

By telephone Sherri tells Marian, “The kids are going nuts.” (0:53)

Gene tells Sherri, “... I got the leadership council thing on the crack kids.” (0:55)

Cellist Zoe appears to cut her hand intentionally. (1:14)

Sherri tells Marian, referring to Gene, “He’s a pathological liar.” (1:20)

News commentator Phil: “He still loves to get buzzed... he’s not about to give up drinking.” Doreen’s daughter Honey asks Doreen, “Mom, what are you doing smoking? You said you quit.”
Doreen: ”I can’t quit smoking...”
Honey, referring to Earl: “He’s a drunken... pig.”
Doreen: ”He was drunk anyway.” (1:23)

By telephone Ann tells Howard, “That crazy person keeps calling.” (1:41)

Jerry tokes a joint, then he hands it to Bill.
Bill: “While you were snapping your ankle, me and Red, we slipped Mickeys on these four girls... like bootleg Quaaludes...” (1:46)

Zoe’s singer mother Tess tells her audience, referring to her ex-husband, “That was before he got me pregnant in Miami, and before he blew his brains out through the hole in his arm.” (1:55)

Tess asks Zoe, “Did I leave a roach here? Did you see a roach here?... All they do is snort coke and talk... Could I please come and get my old man ‘cause he’d OD’d, and they didn’t want him in the house.” (2:01)

One boy tells another, referring to Gene, “Cops freak me out.” (2:12)

A doctor orders “.4 of epinephrine, please... .4 of atropine.”Nurse: ”Okay, atropine.” (2:17)

Sherri attends a funeral. (2:18)

Howard, referring to his son: “Casey didn’t make it, Zoe.” (2:19)

Marian tells her physician husband Ralph, “You were drunk.”
“Everybody was pretty far gone.”
”I wondered whether anybody would even be in the mood for a drink... He was really drunk. I didn’t realize how drunk he was... ”
”I was drunk.” (2:22)

Zoe tells Tess, “Casey died.” (2:28)

Jerry tells his phone sex worker wife Lois he is “Getting a roach.”
He lights it. (2:35)

With the car still running and the garage door closed Zoe takes out her cello and plays. (2:37)

Marian tells the others “You know, when I was in art school, had a teacher, eventually killed himself...” (2:44)

Tess finds Zoe unresponsive on the garage floor. (2:45)