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Sid & Nancy

CastGary Oldman, Chloe Webb, David Hayman, Debby Bishop, Drew Schofield, Xander Berkeley, Perry Benson, Tony London, Sandy Baron, Courtney Love
Year released1986
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Reporter: “Sid and Nancy, they were heroin addicts.”
Clerk: “We don’t allow junky’s in here.“ (0:02)

Nancy tells her dominatrix friend Linda, “It’s a real waste to smoke that shit. Don’t you have any needles?” (0:04)

Nancy tells punk rocker John, “You’re insane.”
Nancy tells punk rocker Sid, “You’re... insane too.” (0:11)

Nancy tells Sid, “Never trust a junky.”
Sid: “Are they junkies?” (0:14)

His friend asks Sid, referring to Nancy, “You mean... the junky?”
”She’s a junky.” (0:15)

Sid asks Nancy, “What about my drugs?”
Nancy: “There are no drugs on the sidewalk.” (0:18)

Nancy injects her arm below a tourniquet. Sid tightens his tourniquet; Nancy helps. (0:19)

Manager Malcolm asks Sid, “What are those bruises on your arm?” Track marks? (0:26)

Nancy tells Sid, referring to her parents, “They said we’d spend it on drugs.” (0:30)

John tells Sid, referring to Rock Head, “Don’t do any drugs or drink, hardly.” (0:36)

Nancy tells Rock, “Impress’em with your drugs.”
Rock: “Drugs? Do we have any drugs, boys?”
Boy: “The Rock Head does not do drugs.”
Nancy: “His drugs were garbage anyway.” (0:38)

Malcolm, referring to Sid, “He’s the dementia of a nihilistic generation... a... head case.” (0:39)

Nancy asks Sid, “What about the farewell drugs?” (0:45)

Linda whips a masochistic client. By telephone Nancy tells Sid, “I’ve really been going crazy for you.” (0:49)

John tells Sid, “The... of imbeciles has always enchanted me.“ (0:52)  

Reporter, “A spokesman... said vicious was suffering from nervous exhaustion.” (0:56)

Hugh tells Sid, “Everything’s crazy for me right now...” (0:57)

Nancy tells Sid, “We could jump of a building, throw ourselves under a subway, OD.”
”You’d kill yourself?” (1:02)

Nancy tells the others, “We don’t even have time to get to the methadone clinic.”
”Still taking idiot lessons?”
Sid tells Nancy’s grandfather, “Well, first... we’re gonna go down to the methadone clinic on Monday...” (1:05)

Poster on the methadone clinic wall: “ANGEL DUST KILLS.”
The caseworker tells Nancy, “It’s where the heroin comes from.”
”... ‘cause smack is the great controller.”
”You guys got no right to be strung out on that stuff.”
Sid and Nancy drink their methadone. (1:09)

Promoter Vito tells Nancy, “You’re a... nut case.” (1:11)

After finding a syringe in his room Nancy tells Sid, “We said we weren’t gonna do any more smack until after the gig... We said we weren’t gonna do any more smack until after the gig...”
”He’s a... junky.” (1:12)

Sid tells the others, “Most of the people there were scraping for... drugs...”
Gretchen and Sid rub drugs on their gums. (1:16)

Sid tells Nancy, “Wish we had some more coke.” (1:17)

Nancy looks for drugs in packets. “They’re all empty.” (1:20)

Nancy and Sid bleed from their arms. Nancy nods. (1:23)

Nancy nods after shooting. Dealer Bowery Snax holds a syringe as he tells Sid Nancy is a “junk hog...”
Sid: “We’re both getting off the H.” (1:25)

Nancy tells Gretchen, referring to Sid, “He’s real depressed.”
Gretchen, “Yeah... real depressed too.” (1:30)

Sid tells a man on the street, “... get me some smack.” (1:30)

Sid tells Nancy, “I’ve got more reasons to be depressed than you.” (1:31)

Nancy asks Bowery Snax, “What’s this, Tuinals?”
Bowery: “Speed.”
”Makes me paranoid.”
”You shoot that stuff, it’s gonna make you sick.”Nancy: “What about the Dilaudid?” (1:34)

Sid tells Nancy, “‘cause I want to get straight...”
Nancy: “You’ll never get straight. You’ll never get straight.” (1:38)

Sid withdraws. (1:43)

Title: “Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose on February 2nd 1979.” (1:47)

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