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Side Effects

Katherine Heigl, Lucian McAfee, David Durbin, Dorian DeMichele, Temeceka Harris, Beth Hebert, Mimi Sagadin, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, Mike Neelsen, Ilka Hoffins
fluoxetine | Prozac | Vivexx
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Drug rep: “What are the advantages of Vivexx?... Proven efficacy.”
Drug rep: ”Vivexx offers your patients unsurpassed clinical efficacy.”
Drug rep: ”This is absolutely the most efficacious drug your patients can use.”
Drug rep: “Our drug is clearly the most efficaciousest.”
Doctor: “Is efficaciousest even a word?” (0:00)

Drug rep Karly: “I sell drugs for a living... I am a pharmaceutical sales consultant.” (0:02)

Karly: “You’re recruiting me to be a pharmaceutical consultant?” (0:02)

Karly: “Did I say I am a drug dealer. I was a drug dealer.” (0:04)

Title: “There are over 90,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives in the United States.”
Karly: “The company manual outlines several rules for a successful career as a pharmaceutical representative.”
”Did you know that Vivexx is...?” (0:06)

Title: “The world’s best selling prescription drug...“ (0:09)

Reporter: “Dr. Scott, what is your opinion of pharmaceutical representatives?” (0:18)

A doctor asks Karly, “Side effects?” (0:22)

Karly tells her friend Zach, referring to a beagle, “It’s going nuts.” (0:28)

Drug reps rehearse their spiel: “Unfortunately for Betty depression interfered with her plans... new Vivexx is the drug of choice in patients like Betty... proven unsurpassed clinical efficacy.”
”Unfortunately for Betty depression interfered with her plans... new Vivexx is the drug of choice in patients like Betty...” (0:38)

A reporter asks a doctor, “Excuse me sir, can you share a few thought about your opinion of pharmaceutical representatives?”
”If they want... to tell me about their wonder drug, I’m all for it.” (0:42)

Karly: “I must admit I was really nervous.”
Medical staff: ”Hey, don’t you guys have a new drug coming out?” (0:43)

Karly tells doctors, “If you’ll look at the curve on the right you’ll notice a definite increase in efficacy, and that efficacy extended over the following nine months.” (0:57)

Karly: “You guys are going to be amazed at the benefits of this drug.” (0:58)

Manager Jacqueline tells Zach, “The top industry reps from all the health care providers.” (0:59)

Karly: “Who else would invest the millions that it takes to bring a new drug to market? You know, some day you’re gonna be pretty damn glad when some big bad pharmaceutical company was willing to invest in a new treatment...”
Zach: ”I learned those lines verbatim from pharmaceutical sales 101... It’s not the pharmaceutical industry...”
”Like your Vivexx.” (1:00)

Reps in a meeting: “IF we are going to have a successful launch of Vivexx, it has to be on 75% of HMO formularies...”
”Vivexx is going to make Prozac look like Penny candy.”
”This drug is so superior in efficacy that any HMO...”
”Not Vivexx.”
”All showed signs of elevated enzymes administration of Vivexx.” (1:02)

Karly talks to the company medical services representative by telephone: “Yes, I was one of the psychiatrists who received a preliminary sample of Vivexx to try.”
Representative: ”It should not be an issue in your patients.” (1:09)

Karly tells Dr. Feinstein, “I’m Karly Hert from Braden-Andrews.”
”Vivexx is gearing up to launch...”
Feinstein: “Ah yes, the golden cow, Vivexx.”
Karly: “Why wasn’t your name listed as one of the authors for the Journal of Psychiatry study?”
”Because it was listed... at last year’s psychiatric association meeting.”
Feinstein: ”Did you take a look at the section on side effects and safety?”
Karly: ”It mentioned some mild sedation and teeth grinding.”
Feinstein: ”Now I decided... to monitor liver enzymes in patients who began taking Vivexx... significant elevation... upon taking Vivexx.”
”Now the poster presentation... was just to show preliminary efficacy findings.” (1:11)

Reporter asks Dr. Sweeney, “So, what would you say your opinion is of pharmaceutical sales representatives?” (1:15)

Radio: “The healthcare sector... pharmaceutical markets. Braden-Andrews stock skyrocketed today as they received FDA approval for the much anticipated antidepressant Vivexx. It is anticipated that Vivexx may be the blockbuster of the century.” (1:16)

Karly tells Jacqueline, “... I was just wondering what your take was on some of the liver issues with Vivexx.” (1:18)

Jacqueline proposes a toast: “To Vivexx.”
Dan: “To Vivexx.”
Mike: ”Each year we present this award to the pharmaceutical representative... Peter Anderson, president of Braden-Andrews...”
Peter: “Karly, it is my honor to present to you this year’s pharmaceutical industry Rep of the Year Award.” (1:19)

Widow Sally: “I want to share with everyone my experience with one drug that affected my life. That drug was made by Braden-Andrews, and they call it Vivexx... Within 24 hours my husband was dead.” (1:23)

Doctor: “And what about side effects?” (1:27)