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Silent Heart

Ghita Nørby, Morten Grunwald, Paprika Steen, Danica Curcic, Pilou Asbæk, Jens Albinus
hashish | lithium | Litarex | marijuana | tobacco
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Sanne’s boyfriend Dennis removes a joint from a box. (0:07)

Her older sister Heidi tells Sanne, "And Dad said that you were drunk." (0:09)

Sanne’s mother Esther asks her old friend Lisbeth, "Are you nervous?" (0:11)

Dennis tells Sanne, referring to Esther, "I’d be freaked out if I were dying on Sunday."
Dennis smokes a large joint.
Sanne: ”When I know when she’s going to do it, I’ll call an ambulance and say it’s a suicide attempt.” (0:14)

Esther tells her physician husband Poul, "I’m not worried about Heidi." (0:17)

Dennis tells the others, "Kinda makes me feel like a joint..." (0:25)

Sanne answers Heidi, "So we could smoke a joint and party the night away." (0:26)

Sanne asks Dennis, "Are you stoned?" (0:27)

Esther asks Dennis, "Do you have any more of that hash?"
Heidi: ”I won’t have a son who’s a pothead.”
Dennis: ”This is what it looks like, a joint.”
Esther: ”How soon do you feel the effect?”
Heidi, referring to her husband: ”Is there tobacco in it? Because Michael quit smoking.”
Jonathan tells Heidi, ”You’re even embarrassing when you’re high.” (0:36)

Sanne asks Esther, "Did you draw straws to see who would check if I was freaking out?" (0:44)

Heidi tells Dennis, "That’s a natural reaction when you’ve attempted suicide." (0:47)

Showing prescription bottles to Sanne, Heidi tells her, "Litharex. You know who this is prescribed to? Crazy people."
Sanne: ”I’m not crazy.”
Heidi: ”Why the pills if you’re not crazy? Mood stabilizing antidepressants.” (0:51)

Michael tells Heidi, "But if your mother is immobile, it won’t look like suicide." (0:55)

Michael tells Heidi, "Don’t worry about it." (0:59)

Poul tells Dennis, referring to Sanne, "Her medication stabilizes her." (1:02)

Esther tells Sanne, "I didn’t know where I was." (1:13)

Poul answers Heidi, "That someone took sleeping pills."
Sanne: ”... we’ll tell them... that I had a relapse.” (1:22)

Esther takes pills prepared by Poul and quickly falls asleep in his arms. (1:28)