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CastMeryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, David Strathairn, Craig T. Nelson, Fred Ward, Diana Scarwid, Ron Silver, Bruce McGill
Year released1983
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Karen Silkwood and her friends Drew Stephens and Dolly Pelliker share a cigarette. Marijuana or tobacco? (0:17)

Karen’s coworker Thelma Rice tells Karen, referring to Thelma’s daughter, "They give her them treatments."
Thelma answers Karen: ”The pot...” (0:21)

Drew tells Karen, "If you’re really worried about it, stop smoking." (0:31)

Karen reads to her coworker and roommate Dolly Pelliker: "It says here, ‘Gross mental and physical defects’." (0:46)

Union leader Quincy Bissell at union meeting: "I know you all are confused about this." (0:50)

Karen tells Drew, "They said if you’re really worried about it, you’re welcome to get involved." (0:51)

Drew tells Karen, "I just don’t give a shit."
”You don’t give a shit if everybody in the plant is being poisoned?” (1:12)

Karen tells coworker Winston, "... they don’t let you bring medication in the plant..."
Winston, after opening a prescription bottle: ”These don’t look like antihistamines to me.” (1:17)

Karen tells union leader Paul Stone, "We don’t have to worry about..."
Winston asks Stone, ”If you’re so worried about us, where the hell were you in the beginning?” (1:21)

Dolly tells Karen, "Well, you could’ve thought of that this morning before you had your nineteenth nervous breakdown."
”If you believe that, you’re even crazier than people say.”
Karen: ”You know, the only thing that everybody says I’m crazy about is to live with you.” (1:29)

When her car goes off the road, Karen’s head hits the windshield. (1:41)

Karen asks company manager Mace Hurley, "What, are you crazy?" (1:47)

Drew punches Winston in the head. (1:53)

Her friends react to Karen’s death.
Karen Silkwood's gravestone in a cemetery (2:06)

Title: "An autopsy revealed a high level of the tranquilizer methaqualone and some alcohol in her bloodstream." (2:08)

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