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CastMargot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, Charles Durning, William Finley, Lisle Wilson, Barnard Hughes, Mary Davenport, Dolph Sweet, Olympia Dukakis
Year released1973
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Television announcer: “It’s Peeping Toms...”
Host Ted: “Now, today, our peeping Tom’s problem is, chivalry...”
Ted tells model Danielle, “... let’s bring out... Peeping Tom’s own Mr. Chivalry, Philip Woode.: (0:03)

Danielle asks Philip, referring to her ex-husband Emil, “Why he’s always following me?” (0:12)

Her twin Dominique tells Danielle, “That hospital’s full of lunatics.” (0:19)

Danielle tells Philip, referring to Dominique, “She is so crazy.”
Referring to her medicine: ”Could you get me some a the drug store?” (0:20)

Danielle, seeing the bloody body: “Dominique, what have you done?” (0:30)

Reporter Grace asks police detective Kelly, “You mean you’re actually gonna stand here and ask me idiotic questions...?” (0:35)

Kelly tells Grace, “Listen, Ms. Collier, I don’t know what kind of a nut you are...” (0:45)

Grace’s mother Peyson tells her about “An experimental madhouse. (0:47)

Grace tells Peyson, “I want to write about the apathy in the police force, about where the heroin goes after a bust...”
Peyson: “Are you on diet pills again.” (0:49)

Grace tells an editor by telephone, “I know more than those idiot police.” (0:51)

Journalist Arthur McLennen tells Grace, “You see, to me at any rate, the psychological and philosophical elements are of extreme importance. (0:59)

Dr. PIerre Milius, Director of the Loisel Institute, on video: “It seems that the older they become, the more precarious is their psychological balance...”
Referring to a nurse: ”... she told me that Dominique Blanchion had died on the operating table.” (1:01)

Emil injects Danielle’s arm. (1:07)

Patient Arlene rages about germs transmitted by telephone.
Attendant Mr. Jansen: “Look, this is the Lynton Clinic.”
Grace: “... one of your patients is roaming around loose murdering people.”
”One of your patients is a murderess.”
Emil: “Dr. Corbin, prepare her for hypnotherapy.” (1:10)

Grace tells Jansen, “I am perfectly sane.”
Dr. Corbin injects Grace.” (1:12)

Emil tells Grace, “When you awaken, all you will remember is what I have told you if anyone should ask.” (1:14)

Emil injects Dominique. (1:19)

Emil tells Danielle, referring to Dominique, “Sometimes you even became her to reassure yourself of her existence... All I could do was give you the pills and keep you sedated until she went away.” (1:23)

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