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The Sitter (2011)

Jonah Hill, Max Records, Ari Graynor, J.B. Smoove, Sam Rockwell, Landry Bender, Kevin Hernandez, Kylie Bunbury, Method Man, D.W. Moffett, Dreama Walker, Jessica Hecht, Alex Wolff
cocaine | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | Robitussin AC
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Television character: “He has absinthe.”
Unemployed Noah tells his mother, referring to his father, “He has crazy cash.”
“Are you crazy?”
Mom: “What are you in the mood for...?” (0:04)

Young Slater tells his mother, referring to his friend Clayton, “His tarantula died from parasites, and now he’s in mourning.”
Slater tells Noah, “I have severe anxiety issues...” (0:07)

His friend Marisa asks Noah, “Listen, will you do me a favor and pick up some coke on your way?”
“No, I mean like coke.”
Noah: “You mean blow?”
Marisa, referring to drug dealer Karl, “He’s just a super-awesome guy who sells me drugs. Used to sell me drugs.” (0:15)

His high school classmate Tina tells Noah, “You... got all wasted...” (0:19)

Drug lab. Karl tells Noah, “Deéjà vu.”
He opens a container of cocaine and snorts from his finger tip. (0:23)

Noah smashes a container of cocaine on his forehead. By telephone he tells Karl, “I don’t have your drugs.”
Slater: “Drugs?” (0:27)

Slater, referring to Wendy’s family, tells Noah, “Yeah, the Saperstein’s are totally loaded, and she’s, like, crazy spoiled.” (0:29)

A twin tells Slater, “It’s time to get crazy.” (0:31)

Noah tells Slater’s adopted brother Rodrigo, “You don’t piss in the middle of a Bat Mitzvah, you idiot.” (0:33)

Noah tells valet Fox, “That’s not finding it you idiot.” (0:34)

Noah tells Blithe, “Even for a small child you sound like an idiot.” (0:35)

Blithe tells Noah, “You’re an idiot.”
Noah: “I am an idiot.” (0:43)

Noah tells Rodrigo, referring to Blithe and Slater, “They’re at least half-crazy. You’re full on nuts.”
Rodrigo, referring to Slater: “And this one is sick in the head. He goes to the head doctor four time a week!”
Noah: “Hey, stop acting crazy, okay?”
Rodrigo: “ He is the crazy one... He loco. He muy loco.”
Slater: ”Those pills are the only thing that keep me normal.”
Noah: “And if your therapist hasn’t clued you in to that by now then you should ask for your money back pal.”
”I had a month long intense addiction to Robitussin.” (0:44)

Noah asks Tina, “What are you stalking me now?”
”I was talked into buying cocaine for my girlfriend.”
Man: “If we ever need a crazy-ass white boy to roll with us one day...” (0:50)

Roxanne tells Noah, “You’re crazy.”
Noah: ”You’re crazy slash beautiful.”
Roxanne: “I was kind of nervous to talk to you back then.”
Noah: “You were nervous to talk to me?” (0:54)

By telephone Marisa tells Noah, “You’re being an idiot.” (0:55)

Police asks Noah, “You’re going out with a cokehead?” (0:56)

Rodrigo tells Slater, “You look at me like I crazy that I live in your house.”
Noah tells Slater’s sister Blithe, “They’re drunk.”
”They’re drunk.”
Noah tells Ricky, referring to Marisa, “She’s drunk.” (0:58)

Marisa asks Noah, “Wait, so did you get the coke?”
“Hey Karl, why you gotta be so crazy man?”
Karl: “Hey, man, I’m crazy.”
Noah tells the kids, “Look I know... it’s your instinct but you have to fend for yourself.”
Karl: “You don’t... a drug dealer. Are you out of your mind?”
Noah tells the others, “This guy, he’s crazy... He’s nuts. He’s out of his mind.”
Karl: “Listen, I’m in a real bad mood.”
Tina: “What’s up, candy man?” (1:04)

Noah tells the kids, “It’s too crazy to explain.” (1:08)

Noah tells Blithe, “You look insane, okay?” (1:11)

Noah tells Roxanne, “Thank you for stalking me.”
Referring to Marisa,”She’s in hysterics...” (1:15)