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The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams, Trevor Morgan, Donnie Wahlberg, Peter Anthony Tambakis, Jeffrey Zubernis, Bruce Norris, Mischa Barton
Zoloft | sertraline
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His wife Anna tells psychologist Malcolm, “I never told you, but you sound a little like Dr. Seuss when you’re drunk.”
”In recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of child psychology...” (0:04)

Malcolm tells his former patient Vincent, “There are no needles or prescription drugs of any kind in this house.”
Vincent: ”Don’t you even remember your own patients... possible mood disorder... “
Vincent holds a revolver to his head. We hear the gunshot off camera. (0:07)

Malcolm reads notes in the record of patient Cole: “... acute anxiety... possible mood disorder.” (0:11)

Cole finds his mother Lynn sitting with Malcolm. She leaves before the psychotherapy session starts. (0:20)

Cole and Malcolm in session. Malcolm: “Do you know what free-association writing is Cole?”
”Free-association writing is when you take a pencil in your hand, and you put the pencil to a piece of paper, and you start writing.” (0:30)

Malcolm reads from a text: “... signs of abuse... may, in fact, be self-inflicted.” (0:32)

Cole tells his school teacher, “You’re stuttering Stanley.”
Stanley stutters: “Who have you b-b-been speaking to?”
Cole: “Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley!” (0:36)

Cole and Malcolm in session. (0:37)

Bridesmaid on video talks to Malcolm, “I’m talkin’ about... ‘Julie Andrews... twirling around like a mental patient on a mountaintop’ kind of happy.” (0:39)

Malcolm sees in Anna’s medicine cabinet a prescription bottle: “ZOLOFT Anti-depressant.” (0:40)

Dr. Hill tells Lynn, “Mrs. Sloan over there, she’s a social worker...” (0:46)

Malcolm asks Cole, “Dead people, like in graves, in coffins?” (0:50)

Malcolm dictates, referring to Cole: “He’s suffering from visual hallucinations, paranoia, some kind of school age schizophrenia. Medication, hospitalization may be required.” (0:51)

Lenny’s wife shows Cole her slashed wrists. (0:55)

Lynn tells Cole, “You know, I don't know if you noticed, but our little family isn’t doing so good.” (1:02)

Malcolm listens to a recording of a session with Vincent. (1:09)

Cole asks Malcolm, “You wiggin’ out?” (1:12)

Cole and Malcolm see a graveyard from a bus. (1:18)

Mourners walk to a wake. Cole and Malcolm attend. (1:19)

In a school play Bobby tells Tommy, “Silence, village idiot.” (1:28)

We hear the gunshot off camera. (1:39)

References in 50 First Dates and Sensitivity Training.