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Skin Deep

CastJohn Ritter, Vincent Gardenia, Alyson Reed, Julianne Phillips, Chelsea Field
Year released1989
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His investment counselor girlfriend Angela “Angie” Smith discovers author Zachary “Zach” Hutton with hairdresser Tina. (0:02)

Zach asks the bartender, "Barney, do you really perceive me as a major compulsive womanizer?" (0:05)

Zach in session with psychoanalyst Dr. Westford
Zach asks the doctor,”You think I’m crazy?” (0:11)

His real estate agent lover tells Zach, "Don’t worry about it." (0:14)

His friend Leon “Sparky” Sparks tells Zach, "That’s like asking a heroin addict why he keeps shooting up."
”... he keeps hoping for that first time rush, that cherry high... He’s hooked...” (0:17)

Zach’s news anchor now ex-wife Alexandria “Alex” smacks Sparky in the face. (0:18)

Barney tells Zach, "I’m a bartender, not your psychiatrist." (0:18)

Zach tells Barney, "It’s a condition that occurs when I mix a lack of self-esteem with an abundance of alcohol."
Barney: ”When you pass out, where do I ship the body?”
Zach: ”You’re just timid about tidying up after a drunk.”
Barney: ”It’s not that I don’t empathize.” (0:20)

Zach tells Lonnie Jones, "Sorry, I’m not quite drunk enough yet." (0:22)

Molly tells Zach, "Don’t worry." (0:31)

Lawyer Zach tells Jake, "I spent the past 24 hours... getting shitfaced and shacking up with a muscle bound sex maniac..."
Jake answers Zach, referring to Sparky: ”Suicide.”
Zach reacts to the news of his friend’s death. (0:31)

Amy McKenna smacks Guitarist Rick Curry in the face.
Rick tells Zach, ”Hey, don’t panic...” (0:39)

Zach tells Amy, referring to Rick, "That guy had no business beating you up like that." (0:41)

Zach tells Amy, "I feel like I’m in the porno version of The Red Shoes." (0:49)

Memorial service with Sparky in open casket (0:51)

Alex and Zach in a cemetery after Sparky’s burial (0:51)

Zach tells Rebecca “Becky” Simms, "Confidentially, these days I’m a hell of a lot better piano player than I am a writer." (0:55)

Alex answers Zach, referring to her son Greg: "A little pompous, sometimes arrogant..."
Zach: ”Either I’m drunker than I thought, or your son’s a better piano player than I am.”
Alex: ”You’re sweet, and you’re drunk.”
Zach, referring to Sparky: ”... he was being selfish.”
”... an egotistical, unsympathetic, uncharitable, coldhearted, narcissistic scoundrel.”
Alex: ”Are you completely off your nut.” (0:57)

Lonnie tells Zach, "You’re probably an alcoholic."
Zach: ”I am an addict.”
Lonnie: ”Drugs?” (1:02)

By telephone, Alex asks Zach, "Besides being drunk, what else is wrong?" (1:03)

Barney prepares a syringe and injects Zach.
Painted on the wall: ”Sobriety Sucks” (1:06)

Zach tells Dr. Westford, "Every day I get a little more depressed."
Westford: ”Don’t you know... changing one’s basic character is next to impossible?”
”If it were, there’s be no analysts.”
”The frog said, ‘Do you think I’m crazy?’... ‘It’s my character.’”
”... that’s your character.” (1:07)

Zach tells Westford, "By the shank of the evening I was completely shit-faced..." (1:18)

A woman at the party punches Zach in the face. (1:18)

Zach tells two policemen, "I could probably use... psychoanalysis. That girl looks like a psychoanalyst." (1:18)

Zach asks Barnery, "Can a man change his character...?" (1:18)

Zach tells Alex, "... what a dream, huh?"
Alex: ”It’s a selfish dream.” (1:27)

Zach tells Westford, "We’re talkin’ major league depression here. I can’t sleep... I’m gonna... shoot myself... I can see it in those beady little Freudian eyes."
Westford: ”If an alcoholic wants me to cure him, you know what I say?”
”First, stop drinking.” (1:28)

Westford: ”If an alcoholic wants me to cure him, you know what I say?” First, stop drinking.” (1:31)

Barney’s waitress tells Zach, "... since you stopped drinking you’re a much better kisser." (1:34)

Zach: "Alex, I’ve stopped drinking." (1:35)

Zach tells Alex, "I’ve stopped drinking..." (1:37)

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