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Eric Schweig, Graham Greene, Gary Farmer, Noah Watts
Blog entry

A television commentator notes that at Pine Ridge reservation "death from alcoholism is nine times the national average." (0:02)

Policeman Rudy tells his woman friend, referring to his brother, "I think Mogie's mind short circuited in Vietnam." She tells him she does not know how he does it, "having to deal with an alcoholic brother." (0:21)

Mogie's physician in the hospital tells Rudy, referring to his brother Mogie, "Transplant patients don't include practicing alcoholics." (0:23)

Mogie's son Herby tells his father, "I thought you were going to cut back on your drinking." (1:01)

When he returns to Mogie's hospital room Rudy discovers that his brother has died. The funeral ceremony blends military and Native American tribal elements. (1:10)