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Richard Linklater, Kathy McCarthy, Rudy Basquez, Jean Caffeine, Jan Hockey, Stephen Hockey, Mark James, Sam Dietert
Dr. Feelgood | Sigmund Freud | Ernest Hemingway | John Hinckley, Jr. | Elvis Presley | Marquis de Sade | amphetamine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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A taxicab passenger asks the driver, “Do you ever have those dreams that are just completely real? I mean, they're so vivid, it's just, like, completely real... It was like The Omega Man... You know, in The Wizard of Oz...” (0:01)

Man off camera: “... And the fifth and final pillar of euphoria, a full circle, aesthetic reevaluation.” (0:12)

Man at restaurant table: the obsessiveness of the utterly passive. And could it be that in this passivity I shall find my freedom?...”
”What was that obsessiveness line again?”
Man #2 at table: “Obsessiveness without personality?” (0:13)

A paranoid man catches up to another man and tells him, “Oh he's perfectly healthy, but he's a complete amnesiac, you know... It's about kidnapping people, using a little psychosurgery on them... You see, this entire project’s being funded by the profits of the Medellin drug cartel... You know, they do a little psychosurgery on us, a little liquid lobotomy here... They got this drug down in Guatemala in the rainforest... This drug takes away your long-term memory, leaves your short-term memory, so there you are.”
”There are not that many perverts around.”(0:13)

Another young woman tells a band musician guy and their friend Stephanie, “Man, I am freaking out so severely... People were freaked. They didn't know if he was just a lunatic with, like a squirt gun or what... He was, like, out of his mind... he just put the gun to his head and blammo. Offed himself, man. Blew himself away right there.”
Referring to a Madonna pap smear, “I freaked out when it came in the mail...” (0:25)

A T-shirt terrorist tells prospective customers, “You might be able to stimulate some thought in yourself oh, you know, switch your gestalt so that you might have some perception, and be able to see your way out of this.” (0:30)

Man on radio: “I smoke a lot of pot. Sometimes I trip out to acid...” (0:35)

A man tells his woman friend, “You know, psychologically, helping everyone else out is easier.”
”I mean look at Freud.”
Woman: “Yeah, let's look at Freud.” (0:42)

A Kennedy assassination theorist tells the woman above, “There's this new section, you know, about how JFK and Jackie were, you know, speed freaks, and they were just hopped up on amphetamines day in and day out.”
”At the White House they were visited all the time by this doctor that they came to call Dr. Feelgood. Oh, it's just crazy. It's just crazy.” (0:47)

A hitchhiker tells two men who were working on their cars, referring to his stepfather, “He was always getting loaded, beating up my mom...” (0:53)

An older man tells a younger man he caught trying to steal from him, “This town has always had its share of crazies.” (1:02)

The man’s daughter Delia tells the thief, “More like the Hemingway Brigade.” (1:04)

Another man tells the thief, “Rare Marquis De Sade, dude. Juliet. Rare Marquis De Sade.” (1:05)

A man tells a television collector, referring to the graduate student on the collector’s video tape, “Looks like John Hinckley.” (1:09)

The man above tells a woman passing out cards, referring to his card, “It says, uh, withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.”
Woman, referring to a circle of objects on the ground: ”It's got your PMS section over here...” (1: 11)

A woman tells her friend, “A lot of times I leave a relationship, and I feel like a whole person again, and I feel really elated... then I'm wondering, worrying all the time...” (1:17)

A man asks one of the women above, “So, man, have you seen Elvis lately?”
Woman: “Seen Elvis lately?”
Man: “... you know he's like an Elvis impersonator.” (1:19)

A bartender tells a woman from England, “You might want to watch Blow-Up tonight at 4:00. You know Blow Up, you know.” (1:30)

An old man dictates into a tape recorder, “... but the more the pain grows, the more this Instinct for life somehow asserts itself.” (1:32)