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Kevin Bacon, Jason Patric, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Minnie Driver, Vittorio Gassman, Brad Renfro, Jeffrey Donovan, Terry Kinney, Joe Perrino, Geoffrey Wigdor, Jonathan Tucker, Billy Crudup
Ronald Reagan | cocaine | heroin
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Side A

Narrator: "A drug dealer from an uptown neighborhood moved heroin into Hell’s Kitchen... It was the last packet the dealer ever sold." (0:04)

Funeral mass (0:05)

Father Bobby Carillo tells altarboy Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra, "I gotta drop some books and magazines off for the elderly and disabled around the neighborhood." (0:09)

Shakes tells two thugs, "You gotta be nuts." (0:13)

Narrator, referring to hit man King Benny, "He wasn’t worried about the pocket money..." (0:14)

Pallbearers carry a flag-draped coffin. (0:17)

Narrator: "... our mothers still cooked and cared for men who abused them mentally and physically." (0:17)

His friend tells Shakes, "Worry about the game." (0:19)

His friend tells Michael Sullivan, "I mean, he gets pretty pissed, like crazy, when you try to take him off."
Friend: ”Are you nuts?” (0:21)

Shakes tells his father, "This is no time to get crazy." (0:26)

Shakes: "I’d been in my room less than an hour when the panic set in." (0:33)

Shakes: "There are no clear pictures of the sexual abuse we endured." (0:43)

Shakes: "They are cries that, once heard, can never be erased from memory." (0:47)

Shakes, referring to another inmate, "Rizzo was dead because of us." (0:56)

Mike and Shakes’ friend John tells the others, "I want to be able to sleep one night, and not have to worry who’s coming in my room, what’s gonna happen to me." (0:57)

Shakes, referring to John Riley,"He was an alcoholic and a cocaine abuser with a fast temper and a faster trigger."
Referring to Tommy Marcano: ”He drank, and he did drugs.”
Bar patron: ”Reagan’s the man who's gonna do it.”
Bartender Jerry: ”They’re talking about Reagan’s speech.” (1:00)

Now timetable clerk Shakes tells now district attorney Mike, referring to defense attorney Danny Snyder, "The guy’s a fall down drunk." (1:10)

Shakes asks Mike, "What, are you.. nuts?"
Mike: ”I told them I... knew the mentality of the area...” (1:10)

Mike tells Shakes, "Adam Styler... worked narcotics in Queens, known to shake down dealers for dope and cash. He’s got a cocaine problem... Henry Addison... He still likes sex with young boys." (1:12)

Side B

Snyder tells hit man King Benny, "I’m an alcoholic."
King: ”Be sober by tomorrow, and don’t look so worried, Snyder.”
Snyder: ”... along with my alcohol problem, I have a slight drug problem.” (0:02)

Shopkeeper Fat Mancho tells Shakes, "You have a drunk lawyer on one side..."
Shakes: ”The cops think it’s a drug-related homicide.” (0:04)

Shakes, referring to Carol: "She still lived in the neighborhood and was a social worker in the South Bronx." (0:05)

Shakes tells Carillo, "I just blacked out what I could... then I blacked out." (0:20)

Police detective Nick Davenport tells Shakes,"This piece of shit’s pulling in about five grand a month, ripping off pushers..."
Shakes: ”About three weeks ago, the body of a drug dealer named Indian Red Lopez was found in an alley in Jackson Heights...” (0:27)

Shakes, referring to Rizzo’s brother Edward Goldenberg “Little Caesar” Robinson: "To continue the Hollywood connection... he made his way up the ranks of the lucrative drug trade." (0:35)

Snyder asks the witness, formerly a guard there, "Mr. Ferguson, was there ever any sexual abuse at the Wilkinson Home for Boys? Was there ever any sexual abuse at the Wilkinson Home for Boys?"
”Did you and Sean Nokes ever rape any of the boys at Wilkinson Home?”
”A friend who raped and abused boys he was paid to look after?” (0:42)

Shakes, referring to Wilkinson guard Adam Styler: "He was quickly arrested and charged with the shooting death of the Queens drug dealer..." (0:48)

Fat tells Shakes and Carol, referring to Snyder, "He’s a drunk, but he’s not a fool." (0:49)

Mike tells Shakes, "You’re gonna make me panic." (1:00)

Mike tells on of the friends, "You... maniac." (1:02)