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Sleepless in Seattle

Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, Bill Pullman, Rita Wilson, Ross Malinger, Rosie O'Donnell, Frances Conroy
Adrenalin | epinephrine
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Before the burial, in a cemetery, architect Sam tries to explain his wife’s death to their son Jonah, “... if we start asking why, we’ll go crazy.” (0:00)

His co worker gives Sam a card: “Here, my shrink.”
Sam, selecting cards: “Loss of spouse support group... Hug a shrink...” (0:01)

Harold’s wife tells the others, “We always have to carry a hypodermic of Adrenalin wherever we go.” (0:07)

Walter completes his fiance writer Annie’s sentence: “Pride of the Yankees
Annie: “Pride of the Yankees
Annie’s father Cliff: “Pride of the Yankees” (0:08)

Jonah tells talk show host Dr. Marcia Fieldstone, referring to Sam, “He doesn’t sleep at all.” (0:17)

Annie tells her coworkers, referring to Fieldstone, “... this shrinkette practically forces the guy onto the phone...” (0:22)

Annie tells coworker Becky, referring to Fieldstone and Sam, “That’s what she called him on the show because he can’t sleep.”
Becky: “The guy could be a crackhead, a transvestite, a flasher, a junkie...”
Annie: “I’m madly in love with Walter. He did the craziest thing the other night... We were hysterical.” (0:24)

Radio D.J.: “Welcome back to ‘The Best of Dr. Maria Fieldstone,’ clinical psychologist and the friend you never had.” (0:35)

Annie tells her professor brother, “I think I’m going crazy, Dennis.”
”Annie, when you’re attracted to someone it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously. So what we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing they’re a perfect match.”
Annie: “Everybody panics before they get married...” (0:37)

Sam asks coworker Jay, “Gunga Din?”
Jay: ”Gunga Din is not a swatch kind of movie.” (0:41)

Annie watches An Affair to Remember on television.
Becky tells her, “You’re a basket case.” (0:44)

By telephone Annie tells someone, “I’m doing a piece on how people handle bereavement...” (0:51)

By telephone Jonah tells Fieldstone, “He’s not sane enough to judge anything.” (1:01)

Annie tells Walter, referring to Becky, “She was completely hysterical...” (1:02)

By telephone Annie asks Becky, “Is this crazy?” (1:10)

Annie tells Becky, referring to herself, “Idiot.”
”Well, it’s her, and he was crazy about her.” (1:12)

His brother-in-lawy Greg asks Sam, “You mean like a déjà vu thing?”
Sam: ”It was a very French deja vu -ish kind of thing.”
Referring to Jonah: “Now he’s obsessed with this one woman who wrote me.”
Sam’s sister Suzy: “An Affair to Remember.”
Sam: “... although I cried at the end of The Dirty Dozen...” (1:14)

Jonah asks his friend Jessica, “Are you crazy?” (1:19)

Annie tells Walter, “I think I got nervous... Don’t you ever feel nervous...?” (1:21)

Sam tells Jonah, “... you’ll be able to see plenty of... Nightmare on Elm Street 12.”
”There is no way that we are going on a plane to meet some woman who could be a crazy, sick lunatic. Didn’t you see Fatal Attraction?” (1:23)

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