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Sleepwalk with Me

Mike Birbiglia, Lauren Ambrose, Carol Kane, James Rebhorn, Cristin Milioti, Marylouise Burke, Loudon Wainwright III, David Wain, Aya Cash, Marc Maron, Sondra James, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac
Spoiler alert
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Comedian Matt: ”I think to be a comedian you have to be a little bit delusional.” (0:03)

Matt, apparently still asleep, talks about a Jackal attack.
Matt’s physician father Gary asks Matt, “How long has this sleepwalking been going on?”
“You know, I work with some physicians who specialize in sleep disorders.” (0:08)

Gary tells Matt, “You need some... reality testing.” (0:09)

Matt’s comedy routine, referring to Cookie Monster: “Do you think this guy has an eating disorder?” (0:13)

Matt: “It’s a mountain of pizza-flavored ice cream -- and delusion.” (0:14)

Matt's girlfriend Abby tells friends, ”It was really stressful.” (0:19)

Comic Ian tells Matt, “This business is insane, psychotic.” (0:21)

Matt dreams and falls from a television stand. (0:25)

Gary displays a book: “The Promise of Sleep” Referring to a doctor friend, he tells Matt, “He conducts these overnight sleep studies.” (0:28)

In a phone call Gary tells Abby, “I made you an appointment... for a sleep study...” (0:35)

Matt, performing: “I was thinking about Cookie Monster. Do you think this guy has an eating disorder?” (0:38)

Abby tells Matt on phone, “We’re playing drunkerdash.”
“Balderdash, but drunk.” (0:43)

Matt dreams then awakens taking a shower. (0:47)

Dawn from the sleep medicine physician’s office tells Matt in a phone call, “You missed your sleep study.” (0:50)

Matt, referring to Abby: “She was crying, she was drunk.” (0:56)

Matt dreams, awakens out of bed. (0:58)

Matt tells his audience, “I’m completely addicted to cable news... And I’ve been sleepwalking. I walk in my sleep, and sleepwalking is a terrifying phenomenon... different from your conscious mind... Sleep disorders, they involve your brain...”
“There are 78 known sleep disorders, things that range from sleep apnea to night terrors to narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is terrifying... There are female narcoleptics who fall asleep...” (1:00)

Matt dreams, awakens out of bed. (1:02)

Matt imagines he tells author of The Promise of Sleep, William Dement, “I feel like if I were a sleep physician...”
“Is there a chapter on sleep disorders?”
“Let me skip ahead. Chapter 9, Sleep Disorders. There’s sleepwalking, sleep-talking, eating while you’re asleep, but one of the most serious of the many sleep disorders is REM behavior disorder. People who have REM behavior disorder actually act out the dream they’re having. In REM behavior disorder people are often running away... people with this sleep disorder have...” (1:04) 

Matt dreams of Gary as a military officer: “I think you need a little... reality testing.”
Matt defenestrates.
Matt tells the hotel desk clerk, “I had an incident wherein I jumped out my window... “ (1:08)

Matt: “As my anxiety about my relationship got worse, my sleepwalking got worse... I went to a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. I was diagnosed with REM behavior disorder... I take medication.” (1:14)

Matt dreams, thrashes in a sleeping bag. (1:15)