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Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Polly Walker, Colleen Camp, Amanda Foreman, Martin Landau, CCH Pounder, Nina Foch, Keene Curtis, Nicholas Pryor, Anne Betancourt, Tony Peck, Frantz Turner
Dr. Ruth | crack cocaine | cocaine
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Editor Carly tells assistant Judy, “Oh, thank you Dr. Ruth.” (0:06)

Gus tells Carly, referring to former tenant Naomi, “She jumped out the window.”
”The psychology of the lens.”
Carly: ”The psychology of the lens.” (0:11)

Carly tells her neighbor Vida, “Caffeine withdrawal.” (0:20)

Tenant: “The defensive system is extraordinarily developed, schizophrenic, non-paranoid, classic Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.”
Naomi uses cocaine. (0:23)

Author Jack tells the others, “We could be supporting crack dealers.” (0:31)

Partiers watch lovers in a nearby apartment through her telescope. Jack tells the others, “She’s a voyeur. ”
He tells Carly, ”You’re a peeper.” (0:32)

Jack tells Carly, referring to Naomi, “She was seeing a shrink. She told the shrink about your boyfriend, and after Naomi was murdered, the shrink told the police.”
Carly: “I think you can’t write anymore.” (0:54)

Jack tells Carly, “That’s crazy.” (1:05)

A detective asks Jack, referring to Naomi, “The suicide?”
Detective McCracken: “Do you have any idea why this Singer woman would want to kill herself, Jack?” (1:13)

Judy tells Carly, “And to think I spent the weekend with an impotent maniac.” (1:26)

Zeke tells Carly, referring to tenant Ballinger, “He panicked.” (1:26)