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Slums of Beverly Hills

Natasha Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei, Charlotte Stewart, Eli Marienthal, David Krumholtz, Kevin Corrigan, Brendan Burns
amobarbital-secobarbital | Tuinal | diazepam | Valium | marijuana | meperidine | Demerol | methaqualone | Quaalude | oxycodone-acetaminophen | Percocet | secobarbital | Seconal
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Title: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
Tolstoy (0:01)

By telephone used car salesman Murray tells his brother Mickey, “We play cards in the showroom not to go crazy.”
Mickey, referring to his daughter: “It’s Rita. She escaped from a detox out there...”
”Murray, my daughter’s killing herself.” (0:12)

Neighbor Eliot tells Murray’s daughter Vivian, “Sell pot.”
”I don't smoke it.”
Vivian: ”I'm not a pothead. My brother, he's the pothead.” (0:15)

Vivian tells her older brother Ben, referring to Torrance, “It’s stupid and depressing and poor.” (0:17)

Rita quotes her father to Murray, “The one thing my crazy daughter and brother have in common, no respect for money.”
Murray: “Running around hopped up on dope.”
Rita: “I’m not on dope.”
”I’m not high. I’m bloated. They’re not narcotics. They’re diuretics.” (0:19)

Rita tells Vivian, “Stuff you like a pig in rehab.” (0:26)

Eliot asks Vivian, “What’s up with the mood swing?” (0:30)

Mannix, on television: “The pusher I’m looking for worked the high school on the East side. I want the name of that pusher.” (0:35)

Vivian reads Rita’s wristband: “Pinewood Detox Center.” (0:35)

Rita tells Vivian about her actor lover Danny, “We meet up at Pinewood... fucked-up families... loves ‘ludes.” (0:43)

Ben asks Eliot, “Listen, you got any of that weed on you?”
”A toke.”
Ben tells Rickey, “Shut up, and get my bong.”
Rickey walks in with a large glass pipe. (0:50)

Ben handles a bag of marijuana.
Rickey: “Dad’s gone, and Ben’s blowing our food money on dope.”
Rickey lights Ben’s water pipe.
Ben smokes. (0:53)

Vivian tells Rita, referring to Eliot, “He deals drugs.”
Eliot tells Vivian, “Just don’t want anybody to get the idea like I’m some kind of schoolyard pusher.”
Rita asks Elito, “In fact, do you have anything for my nerves, you know, just laying around? Seconal, Demerol, Tuinal, Valium, Quaaludes, Percocet?”
Eliot: “I deal exclusively in pot.”
Rita: “That shit make me paranoid.”
Rita, referring to Danny: “He’s gonna freak when he sees me in this outfit.” (0:55)

Eliot tells Vivian, “Valley of the Dolls.”
Vivian: “No, you’re just trying to scare me so I’ll throw myself in your perverted arms.” (0:57)

Pulling out bags of marijuana Eliot tells Vivian, ”Stick the pot in your panties.”
Police radio dispatcher: “Attempted suicide...” (1:01)

A man tells Rita, referring to a girl, “She might’ve OD’d.”
By telephone Rita tells Danny, “No, I’m not high.” (1:02)

Rita asks Vivian, referring to her father, “Poppy in a good mood? I’m freakin’.” (1:14)

Murray tells Vivian, “I’m not in the mood.”
Guys and Dolls.” (1:26)