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Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Mary Kay Place, Kyle Gallner, Mackenzie Davis, Bree Turner, Brad Carter
crack cocaine | marijuana | cocaine | methamphetamine
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Writer Charlie tells his teacher wife Kate, “You sound like... a drunk, drunk, drunk angel.” (0:08)

Her woman passenger tells Kate, “You know you shouldn’t drink and drive.”
The passenger smokes a glass pipe: “Do you want a hit?”
Kate: “Is it pot?”
Passenger: ”It’s crack.”
”It’s good crack.”
Kate: “I’ve never done crack before.”
Passenger: ”It’s gonna sober your butt up, too. Just take a hit.”
Kate takes a puff. (0:09)

Kate tells her writer husband Charlie, “Last night I ended up... smoking crack.”
”There was this drunk girl outside the bar... I ended up smoking crack.”
Charlie: “I mean, so you give someone a ride and she rewards you with crack?”
”Maybe it’s the crack smoking you need help with and not the drinking.”
Kate: “Well, the drinking is what led to the crack smoking, and the drinking is what leads to everything stupid that I do.” (0:15)

Kate tells Charlie, “I was drunk, okay?”
Charlie: “Well, maybe you should go to one of those... meetings.”
Kate: ”And then we answered all the questions ‘yes,’ and at the end it said if you answered any of these questions ‘yes’ you might be an alcoholic.” (0:17)

Her vice principal co worker Dave shows Kate his Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety coin: “I’m nine years sober: AA and NA... I used to drink cocaine.”
”I know meetings are weird...” (0:24)

Kate tells Charlie, referring to Dave, “It turns out that he’s sober, and he invited me to a meeting.” (0:27)

Meeting. Charlie asks Kate, referring to AA speaker Jenny, “Sponsor potential?”
Jenny, referring to donuts: “I prefer them over hangovers.”
Kate tells Jenny, ”I mean, at least it’s my first time that I’m not wasted.”
”I’m Kate. I’m an alcoholic... I don’t know if I’m an alcoholic, really. I drink a lot.” (0:27)

Meeting. Dave gives Kate a coin.
Kate: “I think the longest time I’ve been sober since high school was like a week.”
Dave: “The only reason I think I’m sober today is I just never could fathom going through that again.” (0:32)

Dave tells Kate, referring to his ex wife, “As soon as I got sober, I started to change, and she just didn’t.”
”You’re newly sober.”
”And I know it’s wrong, but in meetings I just stare at your lips and your legs.”
”I am feeling really confused.” (0:33)

Charlie tells Kate, “Yeah, but now you just come home and go to the meetings. By the time you get back, I’m just...”
Kate: “Kind of drunk?”
Charlie: “Is this the amends step?”
”Now do you do everything your sponsor tells you to do?” (0:36)

Kate’s mother Rochelle tells Kate and Charlie, “If you ask me, it’s a meth house.”
Kate: “I stopped drinking.”
”I stopped for me, and I’m going to 12 step meetings.”
Rochelle: “Katie’s father went to those meetings... dried up, left us.” (0:40)

Charlie’s friend Owen, referring to Kate, “She’s in AA.”
Charlie’s friend Greg: “Do you still smoke weed?”
Kate: “I was never really a big weed smoker, so , no.”
Owen: “Not weed, but... crack. He told me you smoked crack.”
Owen: “You smoke crack?”
Charlie: “No my wife doesn’t smoke crack.”
Owen: “I’m not saying that you’re a crackhead.” (0:47)

Charlie tells Kate, “I was drunk.” (0:47)

Kate tells Charlie, referring to Jenny, “She’s my sponsor.”
“... and I would rather worry where my next meal is coming from than in some drunken stupor marry a man who just wants to party and meet bands.”
Charlie: “I... hate AA.”
Kate: “Well, at least I’m not drunk all the time.” (0:51)

Kate tells Jenny, “Okay, not everything is connected to being an alcoholic.”
Jenny: “I’m not just talking about alcoholics... At least alcoholics have the tools to work through it.”
Kate: “Steps. Steps.” (0:55)

Kate tells principal Patricia, “I lied because I was scared, and when that happened, I panicked.”
“I’m an alcoholic.”
Patricia: “You’re an alcoholic?”
Kate: “I’m an alcoholic, but I’m working on it. I’m doing the steps...”
Patricia: “And so you vomited in front of children because you were hungover.”
Kate: “... and I am going to meetings, and I have a sponsor...” (0:57)

Kate relapses with whiskey. (1:00)

Charlie tells Kate, “It’s insane.”
Kate: “I’m drunk. Drunk...”
Charlie: “So you’re not gonna do the AA thing anymore, huh?”
Kate: “Thank you... for, like, being there for me when i was trying to get sober.”
”I can’t drink because I’m crazy or something, and I can’t stay sober because of you.”
”I can’t be sober and be with you. I can’t be sober and be with you. I can’t be sober and be with you.” (1:01)

Meeting. AA member: “At this meeting we give cakes to celebrate sober birthdays.”
Kate: “Hi. Kate, alcoholic.”
”One of the things I’ve heard is that your best day drinking is worse than your worst day sober.” (1:05)

Millie tells her friends Charlie and Owen, “That’s a crazy way to meet.” (1:07)

Kate: “When I first tried getting sober, I figured that s long as I didn’t drink everything else would just magically work itself out... and that shit happened sober... when you’re sober for a bit, and you drink again, the disease waits for you and picks up where you left off... Unless you want to buy me drinks or give me drugs...” (1:07)

By telephone Charlie tells Kate he was “Drunk in public on a bicycle.” (1:10)

Kate tells Charlie, “I’m a year sober.”
She shows him her coin. “Riding your bike, drunk.”
Charlie: “Hey, would you move back in if I came to meetings?” (1:11)